Managed Security

Managed Security Service (MSS)
protects information assets of customers.

Managed Security Service (MSS)
protects information assets of the customers for 24/7/365.

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Various threats like intrusion attempts and internal information leakage are increasing every hour. Managed Security Service of IGLOO Corporation. analyzes vulnerabilities and detects illegal intrusion attempts in advance through real-time monitoring and protects your information assets for 24/7/365 with systematic monitoring service.

Introduction of Managed Security Services

The Managed Security Service efficiently and effectively implements information security duties via professional information security company to prevent intrusion attempts from outside and protects internal information assets.
Managed Security Service aims to prevent cyber threats and reinforce security in advance by detecting, blocking, and responding to cyber attacks by collecting security events detected from heterogeneous systems of customer companies.

Managed Security Service of IGLOO Corporation

IGLOO Corporation MSS

  • 24/7 Managed Security service
  • Advanced Prevention Service
  • Other Security Support Service
  • 24/7 Managed Security Service
    24/7 Managed Security
    24/7 Managed Security Service
    • Security event monitoring
    • Respond/analyze cyber threats
    • Detect web-forgery and denial-of-service
    • Operate/manage security devices
    • Apply/manage security policies
    • System check
  • Advance penetration Service
    Advance penetration
    Advanced Prevention
    • Diagnose infrastructural vulnerabilities
    • Pen-test
    • Provides latest security trend news
    • Diagnose source code
    • Inspect security status
    • Diagnose security level
    • Simulation training (for malicious email)
  • Other Security Support Service
    Other Security Support
    Other Security
    Support Service
    • Support various certifications
    • Support guide/manual amendment
    • Support information security
    • Implement security training
Advantages of Managed Security Services of IGLOO Corporation
    • Reinforce competency of Managed Security Services personnel and security manager in IGLOO School
    • Improve security competency and knowledge through education and training
    • Improve practical response ability and response system by comprehensive scenario-based training
    • Need for optimized process & system through consistent training and inspection
    • Apply Managed Security Services methodology accumulated from 15 years experience
    • Need for cooperation and joint response with related organizations on increasing cyber attacks
    • Final response → National response
    • Optimized integrated Managed Security Services system that can integrate and implement monitoring duties
    • Intelligence-based information analysis, big data-based log processing technology, full packet capture
    • Precise operating ability for diverse information protection systems, systems and network devices
    • Share monitoring rules through the Knowledge Center