Managed Security

Managed Security Service (MSS)
protects information assets of customers.

Managed Security Service (MSS)
protects information assets of the customers for 24/7/365.

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Various threats like intrusion attempts and internal information leakage are increasing every hour. Managed Security Service of IGLOO Corporation. analyzes vulnerabilities and detects illegal intrusion attempts in advance through real-time monitoring and protects your information assets for 24/7/365 with systematic monitoring service.

Need for Managed Security Services

Company A, a small to medium sized company, has continued solid growth by succeeding in an innovative product it has invested in for years. It also actively made investments in IT infrastructure and information security, and continued its investment in IT system, network, firewall, IPS/IDS, DDoS, and WAF.
However, the internal information of company A has been leaked from hacking using malicious codes by a hacker last year. The problem was, it took around 30 days for the security manager to find this out, and almost 4 months to verify the causation and removing the malicious codes.

  • IT manager of
    company A

    “While it’s already hard to manage and operate IT infrastructures becoming more and more complicated, it is even harder to manage and operate increasing security systems”

  • IT team leader
    of company A

    “We are lacking security experts and budgets for adopting a security product…”

  • CIO of
    company A

    “How can we reduce excessive initial investment while innovatively raising the security level of the company?”

There was a time when information assets can be protected by only installing an antivirus on a PC. But how is it today? Although companies intend to protect the company asset by high cost security devices, more complicated and intelligent cyber threats are becoming common and the damage effects are critical than ever.

Then, what can we do to protect our information assets?

IGLOO Corporation CI Managed Security Service
Managed Security Services by IGLOO Corporation is the only solution to this problem.

1Based on 15 years of experience of Managed Security Services, IGLOO Corporation applies security methodology of its own to detect block hacking attempts and internal information leakage in advance, and protect valuable information assets through systematic and consistent management 24/7/365.