Security Consulting

Security consulting provided by IGLOO Corporation.

Security consulting provided by IGLOO Corporationc.
comprised of the best experiences and know-how in the field of information security.

IGLOO Corporation , a leading company in information security is an institution expertizing in implementing information security consulting and positioned to be a evaluation company on personal information influences.

We pursue providing a differentiated value through performing Consulting customized to customers by consultant group with the highest competency and rich experience.

Security Consulting Service

  • IGAM (IGLOO Corporation Assessment Methodology) is a verified methodology used for performing information security consulting by IGLOO Corporation from the experiences of carrying out information security projects and can be flexibly structured to suit each project.
  • IGLOO Corporation provides diverse services to improve the level of information security by applying consulting methodology that is modularized by tasks for easier application of systematic and professional services to customers.

Security Consulting

  • Personal Information Consulting

  • Certification Consulting

  • Personal Information Influence Evaluation

  • Communication Infrastructure Consulting

  • Vulnerability Inspection Consulting

  • Information Security Master Plan Consulting

    Information Security
    master plan

Advantages of IGLOO Corporation Consulting

Possess Systematic

  • Consulting methodology for establishing information security system
  • Consulting methodology for analytical assessment of vulnerabilities of major communication infrastructure
  • Consulting methodology for establishing system for personal information protection
  • Methodology for performing influence evaluation of personal information
  • Consulting methodology for vulnerability checking

Verified Competency

  • Designated as professional company of intelligence
  • information security Consulting company
  • Designated as institution for implementing influence
  • evaluation on personal information
  • Acquired ISMS and ISO 27001
  • Designated as professional company of Managed Security Services

Know-how Utilization

  • Utilize the best know-how of Managed Security Services/analytical implementation in the industry
  • Utilize the knowledge obtained from development of information security solution to the consulting service

Maintenance Service

  • Provide consistent maintenance service based on competent human resource
  • Provide advisory service by legal expert institution
  • Secure customer accessibility by utilizing branch located in Daejeon and Gwangju