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IGLOO SECURITY, INC. acquired PIOLINK, INC. Combining AI, Big Data, and Cloud capabilities to become a global security powerhouse




Combining AI, Big Data, and Cloud capabilities to become a global security powerhouse

- IGLOO Security acquires PIOLINK, a company specializing in cloud data center optimization… Consolidation of core competencies such as AI, Big Data, and Cloud

- Changes in Korean cyber security market are expected



[October 27, 2021] A seismic change occurred in Korean cyber security market. IGLOO Security, INC., a leading artificial intelligence based cyber security company (CEO Lee Deuk-Choon,, acquired all shares (28.97%) of PIOLINK, a cloud data center optimization company, from NHN Co., Ltd. announced that they had signed a contract (SPA). PIOLINK plans to operate independently while maintaining the representative management system of Cho Young-Chul.


IGLOO Security is diversifying its security portfolio by expanding its business to the network and cloud security fields through the acquisition of PIOLINK, and absolute leader in the application delivery controller (ADC) field. IGLOO Security plans to expand the supply of solutions and services in the form of crossovers and additions through the customer channels of both companies and strengthen the discovery of new customers. In addition, horizontal expansion of the security monitoring and the security consulting field will be achieved, and the security management business will be further strengthened.


IGLOO Security predicts that the meeting of the two companies will create a new wind in Korean cyber security market. IGLOO Security has secured high recognition in the field of security management solutions and services such as AI security monitoring and integrated security monitoring (SIEM). It is a strategy to solidify its position in the security market by combining the know-how and technical capabilities of both companies with PIOLINK, which is doing well in ADC and security switch fields. 


Lee Deuk-Choon, CEO of IGLOO Security, said, “After the spread of COVID-19, unpredictable and disruptive technological innovations are taking place everyday. In order to continue to grow in the midst of these changes, a challenge that goes beyond the existing limits is necessary. Through the acquisition of PIOLINK, we will concentrate our core competencies in AI, big data, and cloud, and lead the growth of Korean cyber security ecosystem.”