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IGLOO SECURITY, INC. announces ‘2020 Security Threats and Technology Forecast Report’



IGLOO SECURITY announces '2020 Security Threats and Technology Forecast Report'




- Complex threats will grow and spread unprecedentedly… Need to introduce security methodologies and technologies that focus on accurate threat analysis and rapid response

- Information Security Mock Test' event on Igloo Security homepage from 5th to 11th


[5th December 2019] Igloo Security Co., Ltd. (CEO Lee, Deuk-Choon, unveiled the '2020 Security Threats and Technology Forecast Report,' which contains major forecasts for 2020 security threats. The eighth report, based on the Igloo Security Security Analysis team's forecasts, lists the major cybersecurity threats that will occur in 2020 along with security technologies and methodologies to address them.

The security analyst team predicted that the digital transformation based on next generation IT technologies will accelerate, increasing the number of complex security threats that have not been experienced before. Defenders require active security methodologies and technologies that focus on pinpointing and responding quickly to threats inside and outside the enterprise that an attacker may target.

On the other hand, IGLOO SECURITY held the “Information Security Mock Test” event on Igloo Security Facebook from 5th to 11th in commemoration of the report. Visit the Igloo Security homepage, download a screen saver with 2020 security threats and technology outlooks, and refer to the screen saver contents to answer Mock 2 questions. A total of 50 participants from the event were presented with a gift of Chicken Gifticon. The winners were announced on Igloo Security Facebook on the 13th.

Kim Mi-hee, head of the Iglu-Security Security Analysis Team, said, “With the change of IT infrastructure environment, it is expected that more and more intelligent attacks that cannot be countered by the existing defense system will increase. Defenders will need to respond more quickly and proactively to security threats by leveraging a variety of security technologies and methodologies, including AI (artificial intelligence), security orchestration, automation, and response (SOAR), and threat intelligence. ”He emphasized.​​