CEO Message​

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    Hello, everyone. I’m Deuk-Choon Lee, the CEO of IGLOO Corporation.

    Since IGLOO Corporation was founded in 1999, we have led the Korean security market by providing security solutions and services to numerous major organizations and companies playing a key role in information security under the vision of 'creating a trusted cyber world for humanity'.

    We have been recognizing for its technological prowess by introducing Korea's first integrated security monitoring (SIEM) solution has built a diversified security portfolio meeting customers’ security environments through our sustained investment in R&D. Then since 2015, we have been focusing accumulating technological capabilities such as artificial intelligence (AI), cloud, and big data along with security to fulfill customer needs.

    In these days, the majority of companies are struggling to find the key of technological innovation in terms of security capabilities and data-driven intelligence required to combat advanced cyber threats will be key factor of organizational success today.

    Thus, IGLOO Corporation intends to focus on providing innovative digital experiences centered on Security & Intelligence, with security and data as the two core values. To enable customers to preemptively respond to global digital transformation, we continuously strive to develop a wide range of security and data businesses in line with digital transformation.

    IGLOO Corporation’s future depends on the trust and satisfaction of customers. Based on our security technologies and core competencies, we will further devote ourselves to maximize customer value.

    Thank you.

    CEO Deuk-Choon Lee​​