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IGLOO Corporation offers various security solutions and services that empowers cyber professional skills in a smarter way

Security & Intelligence

Stimulate innovation in your organization and improve cyber professional skills in a smarter way​

IGLOO Corporation

IGLOO Corporation has led the growth of the information security market by providing security solutions and services to major domestic and foreign organizations and companies. With sustained investment in R&D, it has unveiled various security management solutions and services covering SIEM, security monitoring, operational technology (OT) security, and security consulting areas. The company name has been changed from IGLOO Security to IGLOO Corporation for the first time in 23 years since its establishment in 1999, and we are serving our customers as a leading provider of innovative digital experiences focused on Security & Intelligence. In addition, we are gathering core competencies (e.g. AI, big data, and cloud) together with our partners, PIOLINK and CODEMIND, and to accelerate its business diversification to discover future growth opportunities.​

  • IGLOO Corporation

    • Founder

      Deuk-Choon Lee

    • Founded

      November 1999​

    • Headquarter

      Seoul, Korea​

    • Product

      Cybersecurity S/W and services​

  • IGLOO Corporation

Our mission is to empower enterprises of all sizes with a smarter and faster way to secure their data. ​ IGLOO Corporation provides security solutions and AI training data to investigate the latest cyber security threats and risks and to increase visibility across their IT assets. ​

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