Monthly Security Report

The current status and analysis of events collected by Igloo Corporation Security Control Center SIEM, security issues, and infringement trends have been written.

2021 Security Threat & Technology prospect report





2021 Security Threat & Technology prospect report


[Top 5 security threats in 2021]

1. The arrival of the post-COVID era… Security threats aimed at remote work platforms

2. Attacks that exploited the ‘COVID 19' pandemic issue surged

3. Expanding the contact point between information technology (IT) and operational technology (OT) … Increasing cyber threats targeting the OT area

4. The duality of artificial intelligence (AI)

5. Increasing cyber attacks for financial purposes... Go beyond ransomware to DDoS

[Top 5 security technologies and methodologies in 2021]

1. Secure stability across IT and OT environments

- convergence security monitoring

2. AI technology activation

- explainable AI(XAI) 

3. Establish security measures for safe data use

4. Maximize Security Monitoring Efficiency-SOAR

5. Establish a digital trust strategy for the remote work