Monthly Security Report

The current status and analysis of events collected by Igloo Corporation Security Control Center SIEM, security issues, and infringement trends have been written.

Held PT Competition Event of 2014 IGLOO SECURITY








In the last month of June 14, IGLOO SECURITY held the PT competition event to improve the presentation ability of executives and staffs.

For the presentation of competition event, twenty people participated in the areas of solution, R&D and service. Seven executives above the director conducted the evaluation.  

As a result, Myeonghun Park the chief manager in the office of consulting business, won the grand prize, Changhyeon Park the deputy manager in the office of infrastructure business, the most excellence prize, and Donggyun Yeo the deputy manager in the office of control business, the excellence prize. Hyeonjeong Hong, the assistant manager in the center for technological support, and Jeonghyeon Cho, the employee in the precedent technological research center, won the special prize.


The chief manager Myeonghun Park, who won the grand prize, made a presentation about the direction which IGLOO SECURITY would go forward with the theme, ‘What shall we innovate?’, and he received a great response from the evaluation group.