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IGLOO SECURITY, Inc. Overseas Volunteer Work in Cambodia




IGLOO SECURITY, Inc. Overseas Volunteer Work in Cambodia

- IGLOO SECURITY implements its overseas volunteer work in Cambodia between Feb. 27 and Mar. 3 as part of its annual CSR activities
- IGLOO Lab opens as an informatization learning center, where company staff donates their talents 
- As a bellwether security company, IGLOO SECURITY sees continuous volunteer work for children ahead

As a bellwether company for next-generation integrated security management, IGLOO SECURITY (CEO Lee Deuk choon) disclosed that the company implemented its overseas volunteer work in Cambodia as part of its annual CSR activities at Our School, an educational institution for children located in Kep Antongsor from Jan. 27 through Mar. 3. For the volunteer work which takes its 5th term this year, those executives and employees of IGLOO SECURITY who were selected through an IGLOO Radio event participated in staging the plaque hanging ceremony for IGLOO LAB where they spent meaningful time in talent donation training.

Notably, for the volunteer work, CEO Lee Deuk choon of IGLOO SECURITY joined other executives and employees of the company as well as Our School teachers, hanging the plaque for IGLOO Lab, an informatization learning venue for the students of Our School. Now that a PC learning venue that can execute various educational applications including the multiplication table, English alphabet, Khmer language, etc. is available in a safe internet environment, it will be easier to develop and provide diverse educational curricula suited to the learning level of Our School students.

Meanwhile, IGLOO SECURITY donated a digital piano and implemented a cultural sensibility program which taught fine art and music through the company staff’s talent donation, with a view to increasing access to fine art and music education which Our School students didn’t have easy access to due to the absence of educational infrastructure and teachers and arousing students’ interest in it. IGLOO SECURITY’s staff drew huge reaction from the students by delivering a fine art class in creating varicolored necklaces with color clay and a music lesson with the digital piano which provided a lesson in learning how to play keyboard instruments like piano.

By the way, with a view to promoting communication among the staff and selecting participants in Our School volunteer program, IGLOO SECURITY ran late last year an in-company event with IGLOO Radio, which consisted in sharing one’s daily schedule through the company’s social channels just like sending letters to a radio program. At the social account for IGLOO Radio, about 600 postings which described various interests such as famous restaurants, travels, and hobbies as well as company staff’s parties were uploaded, and the opportunity to visit Our School was awarded to five executives or employees who rightly selected the team of people and the division which posted most photos every week.

Focusing on supporting the education of young Cambodian children who are usually denied cultural experience and educational opportunity, IGLOO SECURITY has since 2013 donated latest computers and other teaching equipment and materials to Our School and helped the operation of the black pepper farm created to ensure its financial independence. Moreover, selecting executives and employees for Our School visits through annual in-company events and thereby conducting CSR activities with the topic of ‘Keep Children’s Dreams’, IGLOO SECURITY has worked to provide educational and cultural benefits to help the students’ healthy growth.

CEO Lee Deuk choon of IGLOO SECURITY said, “Meeting with the students who welcomes the staff of IGLOO SECURITY and actively participated in the classes, I was so happy and felt rewarded. I also want to express thanks to the students who stay the course in learning while keeping bright looks in the face of difficulties and the teachers of Our School who lead them forward. Looking ahead, we will fulfill our social responsibility as a leading security company by continuously implementing volunteer activities in order to safeguard the dreams of those children who need help.”