Monthly Security Report

The current status and analysis of events collected by Igloo Corporation Security Control Center SIEM, security issues, and infringement trends have been written.

Monthly Security Report 2019 January



Monthly Security Report 2019 January

2019 January


Monthly Security Report

  • 01

    Monthly Security Issue

    Monthly Security Issue

  • 02

    IGLOO Statistics

    Monthly Attack Service Trend and Analysis

    Detailed analysis according to different attack patterns

  • 03

    IGLOO Analysis Report

    Analysis report (CVE-2018-15982) on the malicious code which abused the Adobe Flash UAF

  • 04

    SIEM Guide (SPiDER TM V5.x)

    Detecting internal information leaks through the SIEM solution

  • 05

    Tech Note

    Code obfuscation and virtualization – binary security methods used against malicious codes

  • 06

    Special Column

    The state of bug bounty in South Korea

  • 07

    Focus on IGLOO Security

    This month’s IGLOO Security