Monthly Security Report

The current status and analysis of events collected by Igloo Corporation Security Control Center SIEM, security issues, and infringement trends have been written.

Participated in 2014 Information Protection Job Fair/Information Protection Product Exhibition





In the last month of July 9, IGLOO SECURITY participated in ‘2014 Information Protection Job Fair and Product Exhibition’ hosted by The Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning and supervised by The Korea Internet Security Agency, The Korea Information Security Industry Association.


In order to improve the conscience about the importance of information protection, the government appointed Wednesday of second week in July as ‘Information Protection Day’ since 2012 and held the information protection job fair and product exhibition.

In this third event as of this year, IGLOO SECURITY offered various job information such as company’s right people and welfare & benefits, work types to job seekers in the information protection through the presentation for company’s introduction and the job fair.

Through the product exhibition, we also presented ‘IS-KIMO’, the Malware Proactive Prevention solution, which effectively blocks the inflow of malignant code, which uses the security weak point of software.

Especially, we demonstrated the IS-KIMO demo program to visitors telling about which path the file containing malignant code enters and how the program detects and blocks the malignant code.
Even though it was the situation that the formal report data was not distributed, visitors showed a great concern about IS-KIMO, and especially there were many inquiries about the action based detection technology and the differentiation from vaccine.



In the mean time, at the ceremony of The Information Protection Day, Hyeonseo Lee, the director in the office of management support, received the Minister’s award by The Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning as for the merit of information protection and brought honor to the event.