Monthly Security Report

The current status and analysis of events collected by Igloo Corporation Security Control Center SIEM, security issues, and infringement trends have been written.

Participation in eGISEC FAIR 2014 (The 3rd e-Government Information Security Solution Fair)




IGLOO SECURIY participated in ‘e-GSEC FAIR 2014(The 3rd e-Government Information Security Solution Fair)’ held jointly by the Korea Internet & Security Agency, Public Sector Owners’ Council, and Boan News at Exhibition Hall 2 of Ilsan KINTEX for 3 days from March 12(Wed) to March 14( Fri).


eGISEC FAIR is the nation’s largest security exhibition hosted by the Ministry of Safety and Public Administration, and more than 30,000 people concerned from public organization and security business circles view this exhibition every year.


Through participation in this exhibition, Igloo Security was able to imprint itself as a representative information security business in Korea in the mind of not only the people from public organizations and personnel in charge of business security but also all domestic/foreign security businesses.
Igloo Security received a lot of attention from internal employees and the host organization, not to mention client companies and information security business circles through its largest size of exhibition booth, exhibition area location, information center and events by making use of Igloo Model.


There were the exhibition and a demonstration of IS-ESM 4.2 Version combined with IS-CloudBox and LIGER-1 at the exhibition booth, and at the session presentation, director, Kim, Dong-woo of the Prior Technology Institute did marketing for creation of the non-revitalized End-Point Behavior security product market through his presentation on <Basic Wisdom responding to Window XP closure>.


Particularly in this exhibition, a large number of viewers participated with the arrangement of Igloo Security’s Event Zone. At the event conducted in an igloo model of air-supported dome, after the participants were well-acquainted with simple introduction of Igloo Security, small souvenirs were presented to the customers who got the correct answer to the questions given by a polar bear assistant.


Particularly, the polar bear assistant caught the eye of not only women but also many viewers by striding down the exhibition hall with a cute doll mask on.