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The current status and analysis of events collected by Igloo Corporation Security Control Center SIEM, security issues, and infringement trends have been written.

Why Igloo as the Company Name?




 Why Igloo as the Company Name? 








- IGLOO SECURITY carries the commitment to facing security threat that evolves day after day and protecting information asset

- As the name suggests, it has grown into Korea's representative security company that tops its integrated security management market

Igloo is made with ice and snow, products of nature, to ensure human survival in extreme cold weather. An information security company adopted 'igloo' as its name.


Celebrating its 18th anniversary this year, IGLOO SECURITY is a leading information security company that pioneered Korea's integrated security management market in its nascent market for information protection.  


Focusing on creating an integrated security system designed to preemptively respond to security threats, IGLOO SECURITY has maintained its top share of the Korean market for over ten years since it launched SPiDER TM, an integrated security management solution.  


Also, providing security control service for various industries including public service, finance, and telecommunications, the company has established itself as an integrated security control service company.


Such goal and achievement of IGLOO SECURITY are pretty well reflected in the company name. 


Looking for a name for the company he created in late 1999, CEO Lee Deuk-choon of IGLOO SECURITY came to think of 'igloo' an ice-made dome-shaped house built by the Inuit, the Canadian native tribe. 


It was meant to carry the company's commitment to countering the evolving security threats and protecting information asset, just as an igloo whose air-containing thick ice wall keep off the cold outside air that reaches as low as 40℃.  


Thank to such determination, IGLOO SECURITY, which was created in November 1999, has presented security solutions and services including SPiDER TM, thus growing into Korea's major security company that leads its integrated security management market.


Also, an igloo means the accumulated knowledge and wisdom of the company executives and employees.


The more ferocious the wind is and the lower the temperature is outside, the warmer an igloo is kept. 


It's because if you spray water on ice in cold weather, the freezing of ice discharges heat and thereby pushes the nearby temperature higher.  


Just like an igloo carries the wisdom from surviving extreme conditions, the products and services of IGLOO SECURITY packs the knowledge, experience, and know-how which the executives and employees of IGLOO SECURITY have piled up while implementing security control at the frontline of cyber warfare.


As security control sharing center, Knowledge Center is one prime example. 


In a bid to preemptively respond to today's security threats, IGLOO SECURITY has its Knowledge Center provide security threat information such as malicious URL/IP, latest security trends, and latest attack technique. Furthermore, the company provides customers on a real-time basis with a rule set and defense technique based on the results of the analysis of actually carried out attacks on several hundreds of customers of IGLOO SECURITY.


Operating on its commitment to countering the evolving security threats and protecting information asset, IGLOO SECURITY works with the synergy between security solutions and control service business to soar into a global corporation.  


Based on the experiences, skills and resources of over 600 professionals, the company strengthens its competitiveness by developing products providing sales activities and services optimized to the market.  


Besides, the company is going to create new business value by taking Secured Iot Platform as its future growth engine, which can successfully address the security issues for the entire lifecycle of IoT.