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A visit from SEOUL CONFERENCE CYBERSPACE Industrial Team hosted by Igloo Security, INC





A visit from SEOUL CONFERENCE CYBERSPACE Industrial Team hosted by Igloo Security, INC




[October 21st, 2013] Igloo Security, (CEO Lee Deuk Choon, a leading company in area of next generation Integrated Security Management has announced that Industrial inspection Team from Seoul Cyberspace Event had visited R & D department and Security Operation Center of Igloo Security located in Samsung dong, Seoul this past Saturday 19th of October. 
The participant members of given event were senior level officials & government related affiliates from 20 different countries who came to Korea to join Seoul Conference on Cyberspace 2013, which was held in 17th and 18th of October.

Given inspection event was held for introducing real time cyber scene to high profile international personnel for serving the purpose of  awakening cyber excellence in domestic and providing potential opportunity of exportation to overseas.

Participants who visited Igloo Security for seeing the domestic security industry field had a chance to see a variety of kinds of security simulations in real time by touring around Security Operation Center and R&D departments. They showed a great level of interest in regards to Security Technology level in Korea as cyber threat internationally have become huge with hacking, smishing, DDOs and etc.

Igloo Security CEO, Lee Deuk Choon was quoted as saying “On behalf of domestic security companies, it is such an honor for Igloo to invite high ranking officials and affiliates from numerous countries”
He also added “ I well wish on all domestic companies, including Igloo to perform well internationally in overseas with great technology background with plenty of experiences.”