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CEO Lee Deuk Choon of IGLOO SECURITY, INC. Honored with Industry Medal as a Contributor to Science, Technology, and ICT



Honored with Industry Medal as a Contributor to Science, Technology, and ICT




- In recognition for his contribution to upgrading the South Korean security and the development of the country's informatization


[Apr. 23, 2018] As the leader in the next-generation integrated security management, IGLOO SECURITY, INC. disclosed on Apr. 23 that CEO Lee Deuk choon received Industry Medal as a contributor to science, technology, and ICT at the ceremony celebrating 2018 Day of Science and ICT held on Apr. 20 at National Science Museum in Daejeon.   CEO Lee Deuk choon was honored with the medal in recognition for his contribution to leading the development of the South Korean information protection industry and getting the country's cyber security more competitive.
CEO Lee Deuk choon has pioneered and led the new sector of information security called integrated security management, thus prodding the development of the South Korean information protection industry.  Created in November, 1999 by CEO Lee Deuk choon, IGLOO SECURITY, INC. was South Korea's first company that developed SPiDER TM, an integrated security management solution that handles vast security data generated from different information protection systems. Ever since, the company has contributed to expanding the security market, while presenting diverse solutions and services that would protect the precious information assets of businesses and public agencies.​





Furthermore, the company was highly lauded for its efforts to create provide security solutions and create infrastructure the core information protection agencies and thereby safeguard the nation's cyber security.  IGLOO SECURITY, INC. has assisted major public organizations to strengthen their information protections skills and resources against upgraded cyber attacks by creating optimized integrated security management systems and establishing a security control system with real-time response ability. Lately, the company led the development of the AI-based intelligent security control system, thus upgrading the response to upgraded security threats.
Besides, the company was recognized for its contribution to raising the reliability and recognition of the South Korean information protection companies in the global market by exporting the Korean information protection model that packs years of security experience and know-how and contributing to reducing youth unemployment and reinvigorating the regional economy through nurturing security professionals.  IGLOO SECURITY, INC. has brought global publicity to South Korea by providing solutions and services optimized for the local security environment in the four strategic points for overseas operation as selected by KISA and led the development in partnership with local communities by hiring minimum 40% of its staff from among local professionals.
Commenting on his receiving Industry Medal, CEO Lee Deuk choon of IGLOO SECURITY said, "I am greatly pleased that I have been thus recognized for the product of our longtime efforts to protect the Republic of Korea's cyber security and propel the development of the Korean cyber security. As cyber security gains in importance as one of the core elements that decide the country's competitiveness and security, we will stay focused with greater responsibility and pride on getting the cyber security of South Korea ever more competitive." ​