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Delivering innovative digital experiences that span security and data IGLOO Corporation, Changed company name to ‘IGLOO Corporation’



Delivering innovative digital experiences that span security and data IGLOO Corporation, Changed company name to ‘IGLOO Corporation’

- Prevention of breaches targeting small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), strengthening of security immunity against new and variant security threats
- IGLOO Corporation improves security of SMEs based on years of cybersecurity consulting and solution development capabilities

[March 28, 2022] IGLOO Corporation announces its new name, ‘IGLOO Corporation’, and leaps forward as a company that provides innovative digital experiences with security and data. IGLOO Corporation (CEO Lee Deuk-Choon, announced that it had changed its name to ‘IGLOO Corporation’ and prepared a new CI with a new vision in order to develop business and provide value in line with digital transformation. 

This change of company name was made for the first time in 23 years since the establishment of IGLOO Corporation in 1999. Through the transition to ‘IGLOO Corporation' based on next-generation technology capabilities, a leading company that establishes a new corporate identity centered on security and data, develops a wide range of new businesses based on digital capabilities, and leads innovation in organizational work environment and work methods. 

IGLOO Corporation also unveiled a new CI (Corporate Identity) along with the name change. An ice house 'igloo' that integrates knowledge, experience and know-how accumulated in cyber warfare such as extreme environments, 'Security & Intelligence' with infinite scalability and potential, and 'Smart' based on humans and technology. It expressed the image of this closely interactable 'space'.

With the change of name, IGLOO Corporation is moving forward as a leading provider of innovative digital experiences. Together with Piolink and Codemind, which they acquired last year, they will spur business diversification to discover future food by gathering core competencies such as artificial intelligence, big data, and cloud. Piolink CEO Cho Young-cheol will also take the lead in creating synergies and expanding new businesses by taking on the role of Chief Strategy Officer (CSO) of IGLOO Corporation. 

Lee Deuk-Choon, CEO of IGLOO Corporation, said, “IGLOO Corporation, which started as a security venture in 1999, has grown into a comprehensive IT company encompassing artificial intelligence, big data, and cloud fields with several affiliates. By using the new mission and CI as an opportunity to respond to these changes, we will lead innovation in the organization's work environment and work methods and take another leap forward."