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following through on social commitment though knowledge sharing



Igloo security,
following through on social commitment though knowledge sharing



-  free security education for the disabled
-  the disabled retaining IT/data processing knowledge can register for the courses
-  provide opportunities to join Igloo Security for those who have successfully completed the courses


[September 5th, 2013] A leading integrated security management company for next generation, Igloo security (CEO :LeeDeuk-choon, has announced that it will actively participate in knowledge-sharing to perform its duty as a social enterprise.
Since its establishment, Igloo Security has continuously participated in small yet significant activities to contribute to the society for the past decade for the unprivileged by delivering a wide variety of goods and donations.
In a bid to conduct differentiated social responsibilities only Igloo Security can do, Igloo Security has introduced new programs in 2013,and starting from September, as part of activities to share knowledge, it has decided to carry out free security education for the disabled.
The security education for the disabled is prepared to support trainees to become security specialists in the future by disseminating security expertise accumulated by Igloo Security in a more systematic way. The courses which will take place at Igloo Security’s security education center located in Samsung dong for 5 weeks are open to the disabled who retain basic IT/data processing knowledge.
The contents are largely divided into technology and management fields, ranging from basic theory of information security to response to incidents, simulation hacking, analysis of malicious codes and actual practices. Lecturers are comprised of Igloo Security’s core manpower and after successful completion of 5-week training, trainees can be directly sent to the field to conduct business.
Trainees who have successfully completed the whole course are given a golden opportunity to join Igloo Security.
Jo Chang-sup, director of Igloo Security’s service sector was quoted as saying,
Information Security is a part of cutting-edge knowledge industry, and for those with excellent analytical skills and power of logic, a slight inconvenience of the body cannot be impediments to business implementation”, We will increase the number of trainees to nurture talented security manpower as well as contribute to the society.”
CEO of Igloo Security, Lee Deuk-choon was quoted as saying
Out of various social issues in Korea, issues closely related to employment are the ones that large companies and small companies together have to tackle with”, We sincerely hope that all trainees who have completed the courses provided by Igloo Security can become true members of the society by overcoming social prejudices.
Inquiries about free education for the disabled: Marketing team of Igloo Security(02-3404-8659,