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IGLOO Corporation, Acquires two AI/SIEM patents



IGLOO Corporation, Acquires two AI/SIEM patents

- IGLOO Corporation registers two AI/SIEM patents to increase security data analysis efficiency

[April 28, 2022] Security and intelligence company IGLOO Corporation (CEO Lee Deuk-choon, announced that it has completed the registration of two artificial intelligence (AI) and integrated security monitoring (SIEM) patents. The application of this patent is expected to further increase the efficiency of exponentially generated security data analysis. 

The first patent is a technology that calculates the overall risk of an attacker’s Internet address (IP) with intent to infringe using machine learning and mathematical expressions. During the measurement period, the number, time, interval, number of events, and the type of event that the target IP was detected are analyzed in detail to derive the contribution rate and risk distribution results for individual risks. Through this, it is possible to solve the problem of judging an IP by considering only some factors such as the maximum risk, and to analyze the IP comprehensive risk more accurately.

The second patent focuses on increasing the efficiency of processing stream data that is continuously received over time. This is a method in which a window, which is a method of processing data at regular time intervals, is created in a fixed form, and data is input in the form of a stream within the fixed window. Since it moves while including overlapping areas, it is possible to solve the problem of ‘sliding window’, which can increase the amount of computation, and increase the efficiency of processing vast stream data including security equipment logs. 

Lee Deuk-Choon, CEO of IGLOO Corporation, said, “IGLOO Corporation has been focusing on securing AI/SIEM technology to acquire meaningful information from vast amounts of data in a timely manner. We will continue to work hard to provide solutions and services with integrated security and data capabilities, and support more organizations to use data in a valuable way.”