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IGLOO SECURITY -Graduate School of Information Security at Korea University, operative ties to develop converged security technology for the next generation



Igloo security-Graduate School of Information Security at Korea University,
operative ties to develop converged security technology for the next generation



-  LIGER-1 donation and information and knowledge sharing required for study
-  visit to facilities, field placement and employment opportunities


[April 1th, 2013] A leading integrated security management company for next generation, Igloo security (CEO :Lee Deuk-choon, has established cooperative ties with Graduate School of Korea University (Dean : Lim Jong-in, to develop converged security technology for the next-generation.
Igloo security and graduate school of information security at Korea university exchanged written agreements for converged security technology in the presence of CEO of Igloo Security Lee Deuk-choon and dean of the Graduate School in March 10th, 2013 at Korea University (Future converged technology hall).
Through the agreements, Igloo Security will donate
LIGER-1’, converged security solution which has taken center stage to the Graduate School of Information Security and share necessary knowledge and information required to converged security practice. In addition, Igloo Security is planning to support the students’ visit to facilities and field placement as well as provide employment opportunities for those recommended by Korea University.
Korea University will share research results in respect of converged security acquired through Igloo Security’s self-developed LIGER-1 and join forces with the company in all sorts of tests and technology development. In addition, mutual exchanges of academic results and human network to develop converged security technology will be actively pursued.
As there has been an overwhelming interest in converged security, a number of companies and research institutions are currently rolling up their sleeves to develop converged security technology for the next generation. Igloo Security and Korea University, in keeping with the current trend, have entered into the agreement to promote mutual profits by exchanging converged security technologies and further to contribute to development of converged security technologies in the country.
Igloo Security’s latest converged security technology has been applied to LIGER-1 and it has been developed to control company-wide security management by processing significant security risk management information after completion of analysis of physical security, information security and environment security signals. LIGIER-1 automatically notifies integrated security control center of information collected from all sorts of physical security equipment and facility management censors such as CCTV as well as provides multi-dimensional integrated control ability by combining 3D on-site images and location information of equipment.
Dean of Graduate School of Information Security, Lim Jong-in was quoted as saying,
I’m pleased to have cooperative ties with a leading security company, Igloo Security and through the agreements, I expect our students to expand their horizon in the future security market.”
LeeDeuk-choon, CEO of Igloo Security replied,
Talent hunt and rearing through business and Academic cooperation is one of the ways to acquit the company’s social responsibility, and I hope that cooperation with the Korea University’s Graduate School of Information Security which has produced the highest-level of security specialists will build the foundation for Korea to become one of the world’s leading nation in the field of converged security technology for the next generation.”