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IGLOO SECURITY, INC. Acquired 2 patents related to vulnerability assessment



Blocking the source of cyber attacks using security vulnerabilities

IGLOO SECURITY, INC. Acquired 2 patents related to vulnerability assessment

IGLOO SECURITY​ strengthens competitiveness in vulnerability assessment technology


[15th November 2020] IGLOO SECURITY, INC. (CEO : Lee Deuk-choon, announced that it has completed the registration of two vulnerability assess patents that support efficient assessment of security vulnerabilities.  


The two vulnerability assessment patents focus on improving the efficiency and accuracy of security vulnerability assessment. By automatically classifying whether an agent can be installed for vulnerability assessment, it is possible to quickly check the appropriate assessment method among agent/agentless. In addition, by recognizing unidentified assets that are not registered in the network and clearly distinguishing whether these assets are subject to vulnerability assessment or external threats, the occurrence of management errors can also be prevented. 


IGLOO SECURITY plans to apply the acquired patented technology to Smart[Guard], a security assessment automation solution. Security personnel can relieve the burden of having to manually check the operating system (OS) and architecture of the system to be assessed with vulnerabilities, and prevent errors in the assessment results. In addition, by accurately grasping unidentified asset information in a timely manner, visibility into the corporate security environment and attack flow can be secured.  


IGLOO SECURITY CEO Lee Deuk-choon said, “Along with the acceleration of digital transformation, cyber attacks aimed at security vulnerabilities in IT assets scattered everywhere are also increasing rapidly. We hope to strengthen our responsiveness to advanced cyber intrusion attempts through proactive vulnerability management.”