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IGLOO SECURITY, INC. acquired 3 SIEM patents Continue research and development of SIEM solutions, a key element of security management



IGLOO SECURITY, INC. acquired 3 SIEM patents Continue research and development of SIEM solutions, a key element of security management

- IGLOO Security expands R&D to enhance security efficiency and convenience as a SIEM leader



[March 15, 2022] IGLOO Security, a leading artificial intelligence (AI)-based cybersecurity company (CEO Lee Deuk-Choon,, announced that it has completed the registration of three patents specialized in the integrated security monitoring (SIEM) field. The three patents registered this time by IGLOO Security are aimed at increasing the efficiency of alert generation and correlation analysis of SIEM solutions, and improving installation convenience. 


The first patent is a technology that optimize alert rules so that an attack alert that matches the environment in which the SIEM solution is installed can be generated. Based on the asset information, it distinguishes between a essential rule that detects an intrusion incident and an auxiliary rule with a low risk, and generates an alert when an attack occurs that falls under the essential rule. Through this, it is possible to relieve the burden of massive alert processing and to respond quickly to advanced security threats.


The second patent is a technology that correlates massive security events generated by heterogeneous security solutions by mixing both analysis techniques so that you can enjoy both the advantages of real-time streaming analysis and batch analysis. By executing batch analysis on data stored for a certain period based on the alert generated through real-time analysis, it is possible to increase the speed, accuracy, and efficiency of heterogeneous security event correlation analysis. 


The third patent is a technology that supports the automatic installation of an agent, a program dedicated to security data collection, online on a host through dynamic URL generation. By applying dynamic URLs that are set differently according to the system (host) environment for security data collection, it is possible to easily install agents and collect data on hosts in various environments such as on-premises, public and hybrid clouds. 


Lee Deuk-Choon, CEO of IGLOO Security, said, “IGLOO Security has been focusing on research and development to improve the performance and functions of SIEM solutions since it was the first security company in Korea to introduce SIEM solutions. We will continue to research and develop SIEM solutions, a key element of security management, and support all organizations to build a strong security response system.”