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IGLOO SECURITY, INC. acquired 4 artificial intelligence patents Securing core technology capabilities through continuous investment in AI R&D



IGLOO SECURITY, INC. acquired 4 artificial intelligence patents

Securing core technology capabilities through continuous investment in AI R&D

-  IGLOO SECURITY spurs securing source AI technology to enhance corporate competitiveness


[May 20, 2021] IGLOO SECURITY, a leading artificial intelligence (AI)-based Cybersecurity company (CEO Lee Deuk-choon, announced that it has completed the registration of four AI patents specialized in the cyber security field.Igloo Security plans to apply this patented technology to the AI security monitoring  solution,SPiDER TM AI Edition.


The two patents are based on "Explainable AI (XAI, eXplainable AI)" technology that provides the basis for predictions made by artificial intelligence. By checking which  criteria  the  primary  learning  model generated by  learning the collected data detects a specific behavior as an abnormal behavior, it is possible to reduce the occurrence of false positives that do not meet the individual judgment criteria of the person in charge.In addition,by  extracting only the data labeled as 'Normal' from the supervised learning model created using some of the collected data and generating an anomaly detection model that is unsupervised,the efficiency ofthe labeling operation is increased and the anomaly detection modelcan reduce the false positive rate.


The two patents aim to design an artificial intelligence outlier detection model that reflects the locality of security data based on the clustering technique,and to generate new data when the amount of original data for generating training data is insufficient. By grouping  regions with similar data characteristics and creating an outlier detection model for each group,it  is possible to prevent a case in which data in a region with a relatively small amount of data is detected as an outlier.In addition, the problem  of insufficient  original  data can be solved by generating random points in a space where original data is judged to be insufficient and generating new data through inverse vectorization.


IGLOO SECURITY has been empowering  AI technology  development since 2015. Since the  launch of Korea's first AI security monitoring  solution, SPiDER TM AI Edition,in February 2019, it has provided AI security monitoring  solutions to major public institutions and companies,solidifying  its position as a leading Al-based cybersecurity company. In addition, the  company  focused  on  securing   next-generation  technology  that  enhances  corporate  competitive advantage,such as acquiring 30 patents related to AI and security monitoring in 2020.


IGLOO SECURITY CEO Lee Deuk-choon said, "Igloo  Security has been expanding investment in R&D to  strengthen AI technology over the past few years. As a leading Al-based cybersecurity security company, we will do our best to secure core technology capabilities through continuous investment in R&D."