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IGLOO SECURITY, INC. acquired 5 patents related to SIEM·Vulnerability assessment



IGLOO SECURITY, INC. acquired 5 patents related to SIEM·Vulnerability assessment

– IGLOO Security strengthens security technology competitiveness by securing intellectual property rights 


[24th September 2020] IGLOO SECURITY, INC. (CEO Lee Deuk-choon, announced that two SIEM (Integrated Security Control) patents that intuitively recognizes meaningful security information and three vulnerability assessments patents are acquired.  


The two SIEM patents focus on implementing a visualization function to easily identify the status and location of security alerts. Through this, you can check changes in security events in the current and past times over time with a simple button click. In addition, by applying 3D simulation, it is possible to clearly recognize the location of events occurring in various information and physical security devices. 


The three vulnerability assessment patents aim to increase the accuracy and efficiency of security vulnerability assessment. It is a method of transmitting and executing a compiled binary file, and assessment can be performed even when command execution is impossible. In addition, by integrating multiple security assessment criteria and determining whether a command is operating normally prior to assessment, the difficulty of applying multiple criteria can be eliminated and the occurrence of assessment errors can be prevented.  


IGLOO SECURITY, INC. plans to apply the acquired patented technology to the AI (artificial intelligence) security monitoring solution SPiDER TM AI Edition (Spider TM AI Edition) and the security assessment automation solution Smart[Guard] (Smart Guard). Security personnel will be able to respond in a timely manner to breaches that may affect key IT systems and gain visibility into rapidly changing corporate security environments and attack flows. 


Lee Deuk-choon, CEO of IGLOO SECURITY, said, “As the speed of untact digital conversion has accelerated, the number of attacks that cyber attackers can target has expanded. Accordingly, the importance of security technology that can quickly and accurately identify high-risk events and security vulnerabilities is expected to increase. It is expected that the ability to respond to advanced cyber infringement attempts can be enhanced through the acquired patented technology.”