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IGLOO SECURITY, INC. Acquired a patent for data collection method for autonomous driving security monitoring



IGLOO SECURITY, INC. Acquired a patent for data collection method for 
autonomous driving security monitoring

- Patented technology applied to autonomous driving security monitoring system under development... Strengthening ability to respond to cyber-infringement attempts
- Targeting the high-growth autonomous driving security market

[Aug 23, 2021] Igloo Security accelerates the acquisition of autonomous driving security technology based on its unique security monitoring technology. Igloo Security, a leading artificial intelligence based cyber security company (CEO Lee Deuk-Choon,, announced that it has obtained a patent for a method to increase the quality and collection efficiency of data required for autonomous driving security monitoring.

Autonomous driving is based on an autonomous cooperative driving system in which vehicles and vehicles, vehicle and autonomous road infrastructure communicate with each other and exchange information about driving and traffic conditions. Since numerous Internet of Things (IoT) devices with different characteristics and IT systems are connected, attacks can enter through multiple routes such as vehicle/thing (V2X) networks, autonomous driving control centers, or internal personnel, as well as on-site infrastructure such as roadside base stations. Therefore, it is necessary to perform integrated security monitoring based on the collection of high-quality information covering the core elements of autonomous and cooperative driving.

However, when security monitoring information is collected using general network security equipment in autonomous cooperative driving road infrastructure, it is difficult to obtain accurate information in a timely manner. First, since it is impossible to collect security monitoring information in encrypted traffic, there is a burden of managing an encryption key for decryption. In addition, many false positives occur in events detected by the next-generation intelligent transportation system (C-ITS), which delays the confirmation of threat information, or the difficulty in collecting information from devices installed in the field due to environmental and technological constraints.

The patent acquired by Igloo Security this time focuses on enhancing the efficiency of autonomous driving security monitoring by generating security monitoring information optimized for the autonomous cooperative driving road infrastructure environment. 
Autonomous driving security monitoring information is generated by the following systems.
▲ Central system including C-ITS application
▲ Support system including V2X authentication and communication
▲ Field systems including software-defined network (SDN)-based networks
By improving the security monitoring information generation method of existing security equipment, unnecessary data collection can be minimized and necessary autonomous driving security monitoring information can be obtained in a timely manner.

Igloo Security plans to speed up its penetration into the autonomous driving security market, which is expected to grow rapidly, through continuous development of autonomous driving security monitoring technology and collaboration with companies specializing in autonomous driving. According to Kenneth Research, the global autonomous vehicle security market sales are expected to grow from $6.87 billion in 2017 to $15.68 billion in 2023, growing at a CAGR of 14.7%.

Igloo Security CEO Lee Deuk-choon said, “In order to enjoy the benefits of autonomous driving, there are some prior issues that must be solved. It is the establishment of an autonomous driving security monitoring system based on advanced security information collection and analysis. By applying this patented technology that improves the quality and collection efficiency of autonomous driving security information, we will put more effort into developing a powerful autonomous driving security monitoring system.”