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IGLOO SECURITY, INC. business agreement signed for Gwangju city style artificial intelligence business foundation establishment



Cooperation to develop the AI ecosystem and foster AI talent

IGLOO SECURITY, INC. business agreement signed for Gwangju city style artificial intelligence business foundation establishment 



– IGLOO SECURITY and Gwangju Metropolitan City's AI ecosystem development and acceleration of talent 


[10th November, 2020] IGLOO SECURITY, INC. (CEO Lee Deuk-choon, is located in Gwangju Metropolitan City (Mayor Lee Yong-seop, and Gwangju-type artificial intelligence (AI). ) It announced that it has signed a business agreement to establish a business foundation. Based on IGLOO SECURITY and the AI strengths of Gwangju Metropolitan City, the company will focus on securing excellent technologies and fostering talents that will accelerate the development of the AI industry in Korea.  


As digital transformation accelerates, the importance of AI technologies to create meaningful value amid vast amounts of data is increasing. IGLOO SECURITY launched Korea's first AI security monitoring solution in February 2019 and supplied it to a number of organizations and companies, and was recognized for its AI technology. Gwangju Metropolitan City is focusing on revitalizing the AI industry ecosystem that has secured unique competitiveness by integrating the four major industries, automobile, energy, healthcare, and cultural contents with AI.  


Through this business agreement, IGLOO SECURITY and Gwangju Metropolitan City are engaged in full-scale collaboration activities for the development of the AI ecosystem. Share and utilize high-quality AI learning data and infrastructure resources, and jointly conduct research to foster the AI and cyber security industry. 


It also accelerates the development of excellent AI talent and job creation that will lead the growth of the AI industry. IGLOO SECURITY plans to establish new Gwangju subsidiaries and regional offices to foster AI talent in Gwangju. Using the Gwangju subsidiary as a base, we will prepare AI education and related recruitment programs with Gwangju Metropolitan City, and focus on discovering AI startups with excellent technology. A patent competition in the AI field is also scheduled to be held jointly. 


Mayor Yong-seop Lee, Mayor of Gwangju Metropolitan City, said, “Gwangju, the leading city of the 4th industrial revolution, is expected to grow into a world-class artificial intelligence city as it supports Korea, the 4th power of artificial intelligence. He said, “We will bring together all our competencies so that we can create a lot of new jobs by gaining global competitiveness by strengthening our cooperation system.” 


"As the speed of untact digital transformation is accelerating, the importance of securing AI technologies and talents to discover new growth engines in data is expected to increase," said Lee Deuk-choon, CEO of IGLOO SECURITY. Through cooperation with Gwangju Metropolitan City, we will speed up the creation of an artificial intelligence ecosystem and discovery of excellent talent.”