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IGLOO SECURITY, INC. engages in volunteer work for Our School in Cambodia​



 "We Root for the Dreams of Cambodian Children"

IGLOO SECURITY, INC. engages in volunteer work for Our School in Cambodia



-  Groundbreaking ceremony for Bingo Hall designed to provide educational opportunities for more students
-  Arts class focused on expanding opportunities to experience culture
-  As a leading security company, IGLOO SECURITY will continue volunteer work to support the children's dreams


[Feb. 26, 2018] As a leading next-generation integrated security management company, IGLOO SECURITY, INC. (CEO Lee Deuk choon) has announced that the company conducted its Cambodian volunteer work at Our School, a children's education facility located in Antong Sor village of Kep province from Feb. 19 through 23.   Taking its sixth turn this year, the volunteer activity was joined by CEO Lee Deuk choon and other staff of IGLOO SECURITY selected in an in-company event. It included the groundbreaking ceremony for Bingo Hall for the students and teachers of Our School and classes in arts.
With the aim of 'protecting children's dreams', IGLOO SECURITY has since 2013 conducted volunteer work each year with a focus on supporting the young children's education at Our School located in Antong Sor village of Kep province. The company's volunteer work focuses on providing educational and cultural benefits to ensure Our School students' wholesome growth, delivering latest computer and teach ware that can run various educational apps such as multiplication table, alphabet, and the Khmer language learning instead of only briefly helpful promotional projects. 
First of all, CEO Lee Deuk choon and the staff of IGLOO SECURITY joined the Our School faculty to attend the groundbreaking ceremony for Bingo Hall, which would be used for classrooms and offices for the students and teachers of Our School.  While there were a lot of children who wanted to join the class, there was absolute shortage of space for educational programs that could accommodate diverse age groups. So, with the creation of an educational environment for more students and teachers, it will be easier to develop and provide various educational programs suited for the students of Our School.
Moreover, with the talent donation by the staff of IGLOO SECURITY, various programs were provided to bring fun to the arts which the students of Our School had seldom been exposed to due to the absence of educational infrastructure and faculty.  Color clay class, which enabled students to learn colors in creating several tens of colors out of clay in basic colors, and music lesson with digital piano were provided. Thus, the changes were focused on further upgrading the current curriculum of Our School and increasing educational opportunities for cultural experience.
Meanwhile, IGLOO SECURITY 'IGLOO Lotto', an in-company event designed to select Our School volunteers, for five weeks late last year.  The company had its staff choose five out of thirty numbers associated with company-related phrases such as CEO Lee Deuk choon, IGLOO Star, and IGLOO Family Night and selected five numbers each week, thus granting an opportunity to visit Our School to five executives or employees who got the most numbers right. The lottery in which all the company staff took turns to participate in and the stories about those selected were shared in the company to a fervent reaction from the staff. 
CEO Lee Deuk choon of IGLOO SECURITY said, "Education can offer strong courage and power to overcome any difficulty. With the opening of Bingo Hall, the namesake of Bingo, the company library of IGLOO SECURITY, which stands for the knowledge and wisdom of the staff, I hope more children of Our School will find an opportunity for diverse educational programs and thereby groom their precious dreams. Looking ahead, we will continue our volunteer work and support the children's dreams."​