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IGLOO SECURITY, INC. FPT Telecom International and InfoPlus sign a three-player MOU for security monitoring business project



“Entering the Vietnam Security Market”

IGLOO SECURITY, INC. FPT Telecom International and InfoPlus sign a three-player MOU for security monitoring business project

- Combining the capabilities of three companies to provide high-quality security monitoring services optimized for Vietnam's telecommunications and financial industries

- Accelerating the entrance into the Vietnam


[July 12, 2019] IGLOO Security has laid the grounds for entry into Southeast Asia's information security market. IGLOO Security Co., Ltd. (CEO, Lee Deuk Choon,, has announced that it had signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with two other entities; FTP, a major Vietnamese telecommunication and IT service company and Infoplus (CEO Kim Min-ho), a specialist in financial solutions company.


FPT Telecom International is a subsidiary of FPT, the largest ICT company in Vietnam. It provides various communication and IT services and related security services such as internet, cloud, and system integration (SI) to public and large enterprises in Vietnam. InfoPlus is engaged in IT consulting, solution construction and maintenance projects for financial, public and security companies in Vietnam based on a high understanding of the local financial market in Vietnam.


Through this MOU, IGLOO Security is accelerating the export of security monitoring systems to Vietnam, who are in need of professional security monitoring services. The three companies will demonstrate high-quality security monitoring services optimized for Vietnamese telecom and financial industry based on the high brand power and solid sales network of the FPT Group, Infopus's experience of building IT infrastructure in Vietnam, and the security monitoring capabilities of IGLOO Security.


IGLOO Security and InfoPlus are cooperating to create a security monitoring model that fits the Vietnamese market. Infoplus is in charge of organizing and operating a local security control organization, while IGLOO Security is responsible for transferring its security monitoring know-how and performing technical support. FPT Telecom International will be in charge of selling security control services and solutions to customers who use their data centers.


The CEO of IGLOO Security, Lee Deuk Choon stated that "Vietnam's information security market is growing at a rate of more than 10% annually with aggressive investments by the government. We will work together with the two companies to create a competitive security strategy that meets the Vietnamese market’s needs and create a wide range of business opportunities."