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IGLOO SECURITY, INC. Honored with Minister of the Interior and Safety’s Award




Honored with Minister of the Interior and Safety's Award  




- In recognition for its dedication to strengthening the information protection capacity for public organizations
- The company to focus this year on providing services optimized for creating SDDC and AI-based intelligent security system





[Jan. 31, 2018] IGLOO SECURITY was honored with Minister of the Interior and Safety's Award in recognition for its contribution to strengthening the security for the South Korean public organizations and publicizing the Korean-style information security model. IGLOO SECURITY disclosed on Jan. 31 that the company received Minister of the Interior and Safety's Award in recognition for exporting to strategic overseas points for information protection by strengthening its ability to protect data for South Korean public organizations and creating assets out of years of security experience and know-how.
IGLOO SECURITY has supported the maintenance of the continuity of the government's administrative services from upgraded cyber attacks and the boosting of the data protection skills and resources for the state agencies' information systems and the public organizations that mass the information communication networks by providing such services as the maintenance and management of the security control and security infrastructure and breach analysis that are optimized for major public organizations such as National Information Resources Service (formerly, Integrated Government Computer Center) affiliated with Ministry of the Interior and Safety.
Moreover, IGLOO SECURITY has focused on providing advanced services in step with the changing work environment with public organizations.  The company has created its offices in Daejeon, Gwangju, and Daegu for the purpose of providing unchanging up-close support for the customers in the region to which a public organization is moving. The company has upgraded the security of the organizations by creating a machine learning-based AI cyber breach system in step with the demand from the public organizations that are now into adopting next-generation IT infrastructure.
Furthermore, the company has been highly acclaimed for bringing overseas publicity to the Korean-style information protection model by presenting viable security strategy that fits overseas markets. IGLOO SECURITY provides consulting and education services customized to local business and security environment for strategic points for overseas operation in information protection, which are expected to register fast growth but lack security technology and experience, thus bringing global publicity to the Korean information protection model.
CEO Lee Deuk choon of IGLOO SECURITY said, "We feel greatly proud and responsible as an implementer of the information infrastructure projects for the public organizations which are directly related to national security. This year, we will focus on providing up-close services for regional branches and providing the services suited for the major public organizations which are accelerating their creation of Software-Defined Data Center (SDDC) and AI-based intelligent security system.