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IGLOO SECURITY, INC. launches South Korea’s first AI Security Monitoring solution, SPiDER TM AI Edition



IGLOO SECURITY, Inc. launches South Korea's first AI Security Monitoring solution, SPiDER TM AI Edition

- Threat response system which covers both known/unknown security threats

- Plans to accelerate the implementation of AI-based Security Operation Center (SOC) on all security levels


[27th February 2019]IGLOO SECURITY, which has led the Security Operation Center(SOC) market, released an AI security system solution for the first time in South Korea and strengthened their AI security system business. IGLOO SECURITY (CEO : Deuk-Choon Lee) held a press conference at ‘L Tower’ in Yangjae-dong on the 27th March 2019 and introduced a commercialized version of the AI security system solution, the SPiDER TM AI Edition, which increases efficiency of security alert analysis and defense against unknown threats. With the release of the new product, IGLOO SECURITY is planning to speed up implementation of AI-based SOCs that will maximize efficiency of security tasks.


The SOC is expected to be the most effected when AI technology is implemented. Security managers today face the daunting task of reducing alarm process time by minimizing the increasing number of false positives along with increased security events and increasing visibility into unknown security threats that are difficult to detect with rule-based security equipment. However, there is an absolute shortage of manpower, time and resources to analyze the vast amount of security alerts in real time and identify anomalies.


The SPiDER TM AI Edition can improve the efficiency of Incident analysis by quickly selecting high-risk events that need to be addressed among the vast security events through supervised learning on normal/abnormal events. By continuously improving the model through a process that reflects analyst feedback on the results presented by the AI system, it can reduce the number of false positive events, reduce analysis time, and increase the ability of the security system.


In addition, the SPiDER TM AI Edition is able to increase the effectiveness of responses against attacks through unsupervised learning of abnormal activity and attacker characteristics. By utilizing verified anomaly detection algorithms, anomaly detection of potentially harmful abnormal activity can be carried out by learning from quality data. This allows for minimization of false negatives and a wide view of the various threats.


In order to aid security managers in reducing detection and response time of known threats and increase visibility into unknown threats, IGLOO SECURITY has applied more than 220 features and 80 threat detection models to the SPiDER TM AI Edition. Security managers will be able to gain meaningful information about known/unknown threats through "Threat Insight" that provides an integrated analysis of threats derived from alarm analysis.


IGLOO SECURITY also introduced a mid/long-term AI roadmap. Based on an AI standard platform that was established earlier. It will focus on implementing next-generation AI-based SOCs that apply artificial intelligence to all security phases from threat prediction up to governance. For the cyber response system to better respond to evolving cyber threats, technologies such as proactive forecasting and prevention, enhanced detection of behavior-based anomalies, security orchestration and automation, threat hunting, data science-based analysis and policy optimization are applied one at a time.


“The AI security system is most efficient when the three elements of the security system solutions, security experts and the security system are organically combined” said ChangSeab Cho, vice president of IGLOO SECURITY. “IGLOO SECURITY has professional security personnel who can continuously generate quality learning data, and have been working for a long time to develop and improve the security system's capabilities. We will maximize the efficiency of the security system through our first AI security system solution, SPiDER TM AI edition.”