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IGLOO SECURITY, INC. -LG CNS, OT/ICS security business cooperation



IGLOO SECURITY, INC. -LG CNS, OT/ICS security business cooperation

- OT/ICS business cooperation based on security synergy ...Accelerate the implementation of a smart factory and smart city that guarantees security

- Reinforcement of organic collaboration among experts,joint marketing activities,and acquisition of new customers 


Uune 22,2021] IGLOO Security is working with LG CNS to target the OT security market. IGLOO Security,a leading artificial intelligence

(AI)-based cyber security company (CEO Lee Deuk-choon,, announced on  the  22nd that  it  had  signed a


'Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) for cooperation in Operating Technology/Industrial Control System (OT/ICS} security business' with LG CNS. It is a strategy to accelerate the expansion of OT/ICS security businesses such as smart factories and smart cities by converging the security capabilities possessed by the two companies.




As the global digitaltransformation accelerates,the importance of OT security and OT security personnel is emerging.This is because as the speed of building smart factories and smart cities In which IT and OT are closely connected Is accelerating,the number of security threats  targeting  them  is also increasing. Accordingly. there is a growing  demand for  'OT Security Management Solution'. which identifies IT assets and OT assets and integrates analysis of security events collected from OT sensors and security solutions, and


'Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP)' that comprehensively manages various security areas.




IGLOO Security has been  strengthening  their  technology  for  integrated  analysis of  heterogeneous  security events through  the development of security solutions such as Security Information & Event (SIEM}, AI security monitoring, and Security Orchestration · Automation ·Response (SOAR).Recently,IGLOO Security launched 'SPiDER OT', an  or security management solution that secures broad


security visibility based on threat analysis in the IT and OT areas.




LG CNS recently introduced 'SecuXper',a security service brand that encompasses IT ·OT IoT security,and declared MSSP for the first time in Korea.In the field of OT security, LG CNS has abundant  field experience, from building, operating, and monitoring  security solutions for 40 smart factories of LG affiliates at home and abroad. In addition to the IT system that manages the production schedule, the company is also building an iron wall security measure for PLC (Programmable Logic Controller} that controls facilities according to rules.




With this MOU as an opportunity, the two companies plan to start full-fledged cooperation to expand the OT/ICS security business. Based on IGLOO Security's integrated analysis technology for heterogeneous security events and LG CNS' OT security know-how, it accelerates the OT business for the realization of a safe smart factory and smart city.In organic collaboration system among professional personnel including  OT consulting  personnel  will  be formed, and joint  marketing  activities  such as seminars and conferences will be conducted.They will also focus on securing new customers.




IGLOO Security CEO Lee Deuk-choon said, MAs digital transformation accelerates after COVID-19, the importance of securing security visibility across IT and OT environments is increasing. We will strengthen OT/ICS security synergy with LG CNS,which has expertise in various Industries such as finance. public service, telecommunication.and manufacturing.and put our energy Into realizing a smart factory and smart city that guarantees high security and stability.H




Hyun Shin-Kyun, Vice President of  LG CNS DTI (Digital Technology Innovation) Business Division emphasized that Hin the hyper­ connected era,establishing a security strategy is an essential element of corporate survival" and said,e will work closely with IGLOO Security,a company specializing in security solutions,to provide customers with reliable security services."