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IGLOO SECURITY, INC. selected as “2020 Labor-Management Culture Excellent Company” certified by the Ministry of Employment and Labor



IGLOO SECURITY, INC. selected as “2020 Labor-Management Culture Excellent Company” certified by the Ministry of Employment and Labor

– Recognized for efforts to promote communication between labor and management and promote equality in work and employment 


[July 22, 2020] IGLOO SECURITY, INC. (CEO Lee Deuk-Choon, announced that it was selected as the “Excellent Labor-Management Culture Company” certified by the Ministry of Employment and Labor. The 'Excellent Labor-Management Culture Enterprise' is a system that selects exemplary companies that practice sound labor-management culture to encourage win-win cooperation between labor and management.


IGLOO SECURITY was highly praised for its efforts to revitalize communication channels through which workers can participate in company management. IGLOO SECURITY shares its management status and future vision of the company through labor-management councils, management meetings, and monthly meetings. In addition, in order to create a horizontal organizational culture and enhance the enjoyment of the workplace, the “Igloo Brown Bag” meeting has been held, where people eat sandwiches and talk in a free atmosphere outside the conference hall.


In addition, the part of establishing a flexible work system that can increase work satisfaction and efficiency and providing a welfare system that balances the work-life of employees received good marks. Based on the trust between labor and management, IGLOO SECURITY implements the discretionary work system, the flexible work system, and the selective work system according to the characteristics of the work. The stepping stone holiday is designated as a recommended holiday, and annual use is encouraged by announcing the yearly recommended holiday at the beginning of the year.


Also, attention was paid to efforts to improve employment that can promote equality in employment. IGLOO SECURITY has been focusing on checking the organizational culture and systems that can improve the sense of equality through Affirmative Action consulting. In addition, efforts have been made to improve the treatment of the underprivileged by minimizing non-regular workers and converting 100% to regular workers through evaluation.


IGLOO SECURITY CEO Lee Deuk-Choon said, “Labor and management have been working hard to establish a labor-management culture that can communicate with an open mind under the recognition that they are partners for future growth of the company. In the future, based on a strong relationship between labor and management, we will strive to make a leap forward for both members and the company.”