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IGLOO SECURITY, INC. selected as ‘2020 Youth-Friendly Enterprise



'2020 Youth-Friendly Enterprise

IGLOO SECURITY, INC. selected as '2020 Youth-Friendly Enterprise

- Efforts to increase youth employment and create a work environment for work-life balance were recognized.


[23rd December 2019] IGLOO SECURITY Co., Ltd. (CEO Lee Deuk-Choon, announced on the 23rd that it was selected as '2020 Youth-Friendly Enterprise' hosted by the Ministry of Employment and Labor. Youth-friendly enterprises are companies that high-quality firms with high employment stability and work-life balance for young staffs.


IGLOO SECURITY was highly regarded for creating quality jobs for young workers. IGLOO SECURITY hired over 70% of its recruits to young people, and recruited more than 30% of its employees as local talents through its linked recruitment program. In addition, the company has run an in-house training program, “Igloo School,” which can range from beginner security personnel to skilled professionals.


In addition, the improvement of personnel and welfare system in line with job characteristics also received good scores. Igloo Security has been working to balance work and life by encouraging flexible working and flexible working according to the job, encouraging annual use during the opening of the bridge. In addition, It has been at the forefront of creating an enjoyable workplace by hosting “Igloo Lotto” events to recruit overseas volunteers and “Igloo Brownback” meetings where they discusses their job while eating sandwiches.


Mr. Lee (the CEO of IGLOO SECURITY) said that “I believe that the best way for companies to contribute to society is to find young talents and create high-quality jobs and We will continue to work hard to balance work and life and to make a leap with the company.”