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IGLOO SECURITY, Inc. Signs a Contract with SSK, a Security Company Based in Osaka, Japan for ‘Exporting Security Control Solution and Services’



IGLOO SECURITY, Inc. ​Signs a Contract with SSK, 
a Security Company Based in Osaka, Japan for 'Exporting Security Control Solution and Services'



- Expanding its attack on the Japanese market by creating a wide-ranging customer network that covers the Kanto and Kansai regions of Japan


An outcome from the company's recognition for its long accumulated security control skills and resources in the Japanese security market well-known for its fastidiousness

Company exports its 17-year experience and know-how for security control as intellectual properties, thus realizing added value for security control service


[Dec. 13, 2016] Turning its 17-year-old know-how and experience in security control into its assets and exporting them, IGLOO SECURITY kicks off its attack on the Japanese market well-known for its meticulousness.  


A company leading next-generation integrated security management, IGLOO SECURITY, Inc.  (CEO Deuk choon Lee, disclosed on Dec. 13 that it signed off a contract with SSK (CEO Kang Seung-wook;, a leading information security company in Osaka, Japan for 'exporting security control solution and service'.


Operating in the Kanto region of Japan including Osaka, SSK is actively engaged in network security and IT operation and management. 

After the massive leak of customer information from Benesse Holdings, the largest education and publishing company in Japan, which occurred in 2014, society-wide alertness heightened on security threats, thus steadily increasing the demand for security control service.  


So, the country keenly felt the need to strengthen the security skills and resources in order to provide professional and stable security control service.


Looking for a security control service provider equipped with professional knowledge, experience and know-how, SSK highly rated IGLOO SECURITY's security control service for its competitiveness attested by the number of customers obtained in the Kanto region of Japan and its safety tried and tested by its customers, and thus signed off a 3-year contract with IGLOO SECURITY for 'sales of security control solution and service'.   


And the company chose for its security control system SPiDER, IGLOO SECURITY's integrated security control solution that has been top-ranked in Korean market share for 16 straight years.


IGLOO SECURITY will go full steam from December in exporting its security control solutions and services.  


Working with its long accumulated know-how for security control, the company supports SSK in providing security control service optimized to the current IT infrastructure and security environment of its customers. At the same time, the company works hard to share its know-how and train security experts while operating hands-on training program and providing consulting services. 


IGLOO SECURITY is going to receive in a lump-sum payment the technical license fee for supplying its security control solution to and sharing its control know-how to SSK. And the company will get a fee tantamount to a specified portion of the sales that SSK will generate in providing security control service to its customers.


Since it created its Japan branch in 2010, IGLOO SECURITY has piled up remarkable achievements and experiences, focusing on the Kanto region of Japan.  


The company provided its integrated security management solution to SoftBank, Japan's major telecommunications company, and seeing positive customer reaction, provided more of its security solutions.  


And in 2013 and 2015, the company signed off a contract with "A", a Tokyo-based security service company, for Japan-wide sales of security control service and integrated security management solutions, having thus provided advanced security control service to various customers in Japan.


By concluding a contract with SSK that has a wide-ranging customer network, IGLOO SECURITY plans to expand its business to the Kanto region of Japan.  


By building trust-based relationships that cover the Kanto and Kansai regions of Japan, the company works to tap into the Japanese market. 


Furthermore, IGLOO SECURITY will also put in more effort in attacking the markets in Southeast Asia, Middle East, and Africa, where the company has racked up a series of visible achievements with national export support and a customized strategy for thorough-going localization.


CEO Deuk choon Lee of IGLOO SECURITY Co., Ltd. said, "This contract for 'exporting security control solution and service' is significant, in that it has further raised the value of outs security control service, having not only had its security control know-how tested again in the Japanese market known for its meticulousness, but exporting its 17-year-old experiences and know-how for security control as intellectual properties.   


Looking ahead, we will work hard to create high added value in security control service by turning our security know-how into our assets and exporting them."