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IGLOO SECURITY, INC. signs n industry-university cooperation agreement with Yeungnam University College



Nurturing Cyber Security Professionals in Daegu

IGLOO SECURITY, INC. signs n industry-university cooperation agreement with Yeungnam University College ​



- Focused on discovering hands-on regional professionals in meeting the rapidly increasing demand for cyber security workforce

- Planning to take the lead in realizing balanced symbiosis and development in regions through continuous support for professionals outside Seoul metropolitan region

[Jul. 10, 2017] In a bid to meet the sharply increasing demand for cyber security workforce, IGLOO SECURITY is speeding up to nurture excellent professionals operating outside Seoul metropolitan region.  As a next-generation integrated security management leader, IGLOO SECURITY, INC. (CEO Lee Deuk choon, disclosed on July 10th that it signed an industry-university cooperation agreement with Yeungnam University College (President Park Jae-hun, for training cyber security professionals and ensuring balanced development outside Seoul metropolitan region.


With the relocation of public organizations outside Seoul metropolitan region getting in high gear over the several recent years, mainly those innovation cities like Daegu Metropolitan City, which will soon see the construction of the 3rd integrated government computer center, the demand for excellent security workforce that can provide safe protection for the IT infrastructure for provincial data is increasing rapidly. In trying to meet such public demand, Yeungnam University College takes the lead in training cyber security workforce that can enhance the security for the organizations and businesses in Daegu by creating a cutting-edge security control center and acquiring a budget for training breach response professionals.


Having since 2016 jointly operated hands-on practice and internships, IGLOO SECURITY and Yeungnam University College will use the agreement to go full swing with their cooperation for nurturing cyber security professionals in the region. They will work together to develop an educational program for getting wide-ranging security knowledge and hands-on experience and conduct core research projects in a shared research environment. The two organizations will engage more in being a co-host of seminars, forums, an academic conferences and beefing up personnel exchange in the region and exert themselves to create jobs for regional youths through region-linked recruiting programs.


CEO Lee Deuk choon of IGLOO SECURITY said, "In step with the relocation of public organizations out Seoul metropolitan region, IGLOO SECURITY has worked to provide enhanced customer-oriented services and thereby contribute to reinvigorating the regional economy. Through industry-university cooperation with Yeungnam University College, a world-class junior college, we will provide a spur for discovering excellent professionals mainly from the region and focus on accomplishing the two tandem goals of strengthening customer services and promoting balanced regional development."


Running up to the signing of the industry-university agreement, IGLOO SECURITY had put in a series of efforts for training cyber security professionals for the region, providing the students of Yeungnam University College with hands-on practices and employment opportunities through internships and country work study programs and participating in Daegu Cyber Security Conference (D-SEC) co-hosted by Yeungnam University College, Korea Internet & Security Agency (KISA), and Future Strategy Academy. Furthermore, by signing industry-university cooperation with nationwide educational facilities including Yeungnam University College, IGLOO SECURITY hires minimum 40% of its staff from among the regional professionals. ​