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IGLOO SECURITY, Inc. Speeds up Its Attack on China Market through Cooperation with a Leading Chinese IT Company



IGLOO SECURITY, Inc. ​Speeds up Its Attack on 
China Market through Cooperation with a Leading Chinese IT Company

- IGLOO SECURITY signs off an MOU with CSII and En-Core China for cooperating to develop an integrated log analysis solution
- Armed with expertise on financial data, the company attacks Chinese IT market where much increased demand is expected
Through partnership, the company provides financial data analysis solution to Jiangyin Rural Commercial Bank

[2016년 12월 21일] 
[Dec. 21, 2016] IGLOO SECURITY steps on it in attacking China market by closely cooperating with a local company. 
A company leading next-generation integrated security management, IGLOO SECURITY, Inc.  (CEO Deuk choon Lee, disclosed on Dec. 21 that it signed an MOU with CSII (CEO Anjing Wang;, a financial solution company based in Beijing, China, and En-core China (CEO Baowei Jeng;, a total data service provider, for cooperation among third parties for developing an integrated log analysis solution.

CSII is a financial solution company that owns technology for developing banking IT solutions and provides hundreds of Chinse banks with consulting services related to various financial solutions including online banking and mobile banking through as many as three thousand IT and financial service professionals.   

As a subsidiary of En-Core, a data service company, En-Core China was created in 2012 and has since actively engaged in data security consulting for Chinese public organizations and private companies such as General Administration of Customs and road administration.

IGLOO SECURITY is going to attack the Chinese IT security market which is expected to register an annual average growth of about 25% for next three to five years through a long-term cooperation with CSII and En-Core China. 

Based on its organic cooperation with CSII, which supplies its financial IT solutions to hundreds of banks including state-owned ones, and En-Core China, which provides data security consulting to many Chinese government organizations operating in finance and ICT , IGLOO SECURITY will supply in phases to Chinese government, public organizations, and companies the company's solutions and services that have been favorably rated in the Korean market.

First of all, IGLOO SECURITY will work hard to create an advanced integrated log analysis system that can efficiently collect, search, and analyze vast amounts of log data generated CSII's Internet banking solutions, through a close technological partnership with CSII.  

Based on its solid business network and technological know-how that the company has secured through its years of data security consulting business in China, En-Core will supply to customers CSII's Internet banking solutions, which include IGLOO SECURITY's integrated log analysis system, and provide technical support.
Beginning through the contract by supplying to Jiangyin Rural Commercial Bank in China a customized solution focused on financial data analysis, IGLOO SECURITY will go full steam with its sales to about five hundred provincial, municipal, or private banks in China by tapping into the excellent brand power of CSII and En-Core China. 

Moreover, the partners will further diversify their profits by gradually widening the scope of their operation to cover security data analysis, security consulting, and training, all designed to upgrade security for agencies and companies.

CEO Deuk choon Lee of IGLOO SECURITY said, "As most of the Chinese government agencies weight past performance in their review toward purchasing overseas IT solutions, we hope that we will get heightened recognition for the Korean IT solutions and services through partnership with the two companies that have wide-ranging customership in China. 

By adding our expertise on financial data to our data analysis capability that we have accumulated while leading the Korean integrated security management market, we will focus on creating wide-ranging business opportunities in the Chinese IT security market where much increased demand is expected."​