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IGLOO SECURITY, INC. Volunteer activity in Cambodia



“We support the dreams of children in Cambodia”

IGLOO SECURITY Co., LTD, Volunteer activity in Cambodia


- Held the ‘氷庫, Bingo’ pavilion completion ceremony which will provide educational opportunities for more students.

- Through the talent donation of the employees, the children had a chance to befriend music and art.

- As a leading security company, IGLOO SECURITY plans to continue volunteer activities to support the dreams of Cambodian children. 


[February 18, 2019] IGLOO SECURITY (CEO : Lee Deuk Choon, announced that they have carried out volunteer services in a Cambodian children's educational facility known as 'Our School' from the 11th to the 15th of February. This year marked the 7th anniversary of IGLOO Securities volunteer work in Our School. This year, the CEO of IGLOO Security, Lee Deuk Choon with other employees participated in the completion ceremony of the 'Bingo Building' and carried out arts and crafts classes.

Mr. Lee(The CEO of IGLOO SECURITY) and the employees held a ceremony to celebrate the opening of the Bingo Building (‘氷庫, Bingo’), which will be used as a classroom and also provide offices for teachers. The Bingo hall will allow it to be possible to eliminate the difficulty of lacking the learning space and will provide customized curriculums suitable for each grade, which can accommodate students of various ages from kindergarten to elementary school.

In addition, the employees of Igloo Security began to donate talents in the field of art, which is not a common class for Cambodian children to come by. They conducted music lessons using a digital piano, made paper fans, and eco-bag paintings. Through these activities, they focused on creating opportunities for children to be acquainted with music and art and to enhance their sense of accomplishment.

On the other hand, IGLOO SECURITY conducted an in-house event called 'Igloo Lotto' for 5 weeks at the end of last year to select volunteers. Employees were asked to select five out of the 30 numbers with their own words associated with the company, such as ' Lee Deuk-Choon', and five numbers were added each week to provide employees with the most number of opportunities to visit the school. Every week they shared the lottery process and new of the selected employee, and got a warm response from our employees back home.

Under the goal of 'safeguarding the dreams of children', IGLOO SECURITY has been conducting annual overseas volunteer activities focusing on youth education support at ‘Our School' located in Cambodia since 2013.

IGLOO Security CEO, Mr. Lee Deuk-Choon stated that "Education can give anyone the courage and strength to overcome any difficulty. 'Bingo' the name of the IGLOO Security Head Quarters library was named as a tribute to the collective knowledge and wisdom of the employees of IGLOO Security and since the Our School in Cambodia was also named Bingo (Building), I truly support the children and the opportunity for an education which will allow them to dream and take steps toward that dream.”