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Obtained a Patent for Computing System Business Process Monitor




Obtained a Patent for Computing System Business Process Monitor




-  Available Prompt Identification in case of Computation Equipment Error Occurrence
-  Planning to show a lot more new Technologies in preparation for the Era of Safe Simulation


[March 19, 2014] The leading company of the next generation integrated security management, IGLOO SECURITY(CEO, Lee, Deuk-jun) made it clear that they obtained the patent for ‘Computing System Business Process Monitor.’
This patent, as a technology which manages the hitherto individually managed computing system business process in an integrative method, makes it possible to promptly identify the business process and error occurrence section through the use of the error occurrence equipment by judging the error occurrence status after analyzing collecting and analyzing the business performance information from the computing system equipment. 
On the basis of this, a computation administrator can easily grasp the barriers to specific business process by reducing the repair time for computing system equipment unprecedentedly and making a business-oriented analysis other than equipment-oriented one.
IGLOO SECURITY plans to apply the relevant technology to its own convergence security control solution ’LIGER-1’, and thus it’s quite likely that convenience & accuracy in security control will get much higher by promptly providing the business process status.
The director of Igloo Security-affiliated Convergence Security Institute, Ha, Seung-hoon said, “Recently, ‘the Internet of Things’ is drawing attention all around the world, and accordingly, the internal computing system is also changing intelligently and actively” and he went on to say, “IGLOO SECURITY will show innovative technologies one by one that make possible the era of the Internet of things which is much safer and more convenient as shown in our latest patent technology. “