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Provides Training on Integrated Security Control to Ethiopian Officials







Provides Training on Integrated Security Control to Ethiopian Officials




-  Passes on managed security service technology and hand-on experiences
-  Contributes to reinforced cyber security of Ethiopia
-  Further develops its global service capability


[Apr 16, 2014] IGLOO SECURITY (CEO: Deuk-choonLee), a next generation managed security service provider, announced that it started a month-long managed security service training course for Ethiopian officials, from April 15th in Igloo Security Education Center at Samsung-dong, Seoul.


Ethiopia is building the National Cyber Security Center that can control its national financial and defense networks in a centralized manner. So the officials from Ethiopia applied a paid education service provided by IGLOO SECURITY in order to learn the advanced security control technology and operation experiences and know-hows.


There are 14 Ethiopian officials from Information Network Security Agency (INSA), a government agency in full charge of information security of ministries and agencies under control of the Ministry of Defense in Ethiopia. The officials will stay in Korea for the systematic education and training and are expected to operate the National Cyber Security Center back in their country.


The training program is largely divided into 3 sections; security control, CERT operation and R&D. For security control, the participants will receive on-the-job training on security control practices. CERT operation processes are to provide knowledge and information on the national cyber security system and relevant processes to manage the system. R&D section will focus on the SIEM architecture, big data, and malicious code analysis to increase the participants’ basic understanding on security systems and relevant technologies.


Through this education and training program, INSA aims to develop the security monitoring and control capabilities of the working group to maximize the operation efficiency of the National Cyber Security Center, and ultimately contribute to building and independent and robust security system.


Deuk-choon Lee, CEO of IGLOO SECURITY, said “This education and training program is particularly meaningful in that it shows the feasibility of paid education service model, which has not been developed and exploited actively in Korean information security industry.” He added, “Leveraging its collective knowledge and experiences on information security system implementation and operation, Igloo Security will disseminate cutting-edge security technologies and know-hows to more and more countries.”


IGLOO SECURITY has started to show performance in its export business with remarkable performance in Japan, and the Middle East as well as Ethiopia. Igloo achieved approximately 3 million dollars in annual exports last year, which was largely driven by a synergetic effect created by export support programs by KOTRA and KISA and the company’s proactive localization strategies. For this year, Igloo Security plans to diversify the product portfolio and the business geography for its export business while maintaining the established strategies. Also the company plans to introduce staff education programs to further develop its global service capabilities.