Cloud MSS​

Detect and respond to real-time security threats in cloud environments

IGLOO Corporation provides security services optimized for cloud environments by utilizing SPiDER TM AI Edition, the nation's first AI security control solution, and Igloo Corporation's security control methodology to maximize the cloud adoption effect.

  • The need for MSS on Cloud

  • As transition to the cloud for digital innovation accelerates, there may be new security threats that have never been experienced in an on-premises environment. This is because it is more difficult to gain visibility into attackers as there are more ways for them to penetrate systems and more targets to be managed. It is also difficult to comply with country/enterpise-specific scurity policies and regulations. In particular , when both an on-premises environment and a cloud environment are operated together, it is difficult to respond to various security threats in an integrated way.

  • IGLOO Corporation MSS on Cloud

  • The MSS on Cloud is provided to protect the cloud infrastructure from cyber attacks by analyzing customer vulnerabilities and illegal access events. To provide SECaaS services with enhanced efficiency and security, IGLOO Corporation establishes security policies suitable for each customer's cloud environment, uses its CTI(Cyber Threat Intelligence) for responding to cyber threats proactively, and uses its SPiDER TM AI Edition for detecting and analyzing abnormal behaviors, an AI-integrated security management system. As a result, its customers can efficiently operate and manage cloud infrastructure and operate various security services at reasonable costs.

    After sending the event log generated by the Security Solution used in the cloud environment to the SIEM Agent of IGLOO Corporation, it is transmitted to the SIEM in the SOC through the encryption supported by the Agent to perform professional security control with linkage analysis, past log analysis, correlation analysis, etc.

  • Features

    • 1

      Using SPiDER TM AI Edition, an AI-based security control solution

      We use Korea's first AI-based security control solution to increase the effectiveness of security alert analysis and defense against unknown threats.

    • 2

      Supporting the integrated security control service of on-premises and cloud environments

      We provide security consulting, security control, and integrated Managed security services for on-premises and cloud environments to build a safe cloud environment

    • 3

      Supporting log collection and analysis of all security solutions that can be built in the cloud environment

      To gain visibility into security threats, we use our SIEM solution to collect and analyze logs of all security solutions that can be deployed in the cloud environment.