Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI)

'KLU: Threat Intelligence', which provides key information on the latest security threats and attack techniques

KLU: Threat Intelligence is a cyber threat information sharing system that collects and shares the latest global threat information in real time.

  • CTI

    Cyber Threat Intelligence

  • Cyber Threat Intelligence(CTI) refers to responding to cyber threats using the knowledge gained by collecting and analyzing information about all threats occurring around the world. To respond to sophisticated cyber threats, there has been an emerging need for sharing threat information and joint response. As a result, the overseas CTA (Cyber Threat Alliance) or the Korea Internet & Security Agency(KISA)'s domestic C-TAS (Cyber Threats Analysis System) can be regarded as movements for more efficient analysis. Cyber Threat Intelligence(CTI) is now one of the most important countermeasures in security, and for organizations and companies operating their Security Operation Centers (SOC), it is essential to select a CTI solution suitable for the domestic environment. IGLOO Corporation is the first to provide threat intelligence, ranging from 'K-Center' in 2016 to 'KLU: Threat Intelligence' in 2018.

  • KLU: Threat Intelligence Introduction

  • IGLOO Corporation continuously shares security threat information collected from various companies and organizations to help prevent cyber-attacks, and quickly identify attackers. IGLOO Corporation selects and provides detailed information to enable proactive response by understanding the context and purpose of the attack against security threats targeting companies and institutions.

  • KLU: Threat Intelligence Features

    • 1

      Cyber Threat Information optimized for the actual user

      Collects, analyzes, and distributes cyber threat information based on the experience and know-how of monitoring hundreds of customers' systems for over 20 years

    • 2

      Customized cyber threat intelligence according to customer requests and environment

      3 types of service policy

      Web service : Information sharing through CTI web service

      Establishment of integration server : Establishment of customer CTI connection system

      Platform implementation : CTI Platform implementation for customer

    • 3

      Cyber Threat Intelligence that can be integrated with various products

      Utilize detection policy after integrating data to SPiDER TM (SIEM) threat DB

      Comprehensive risk analysis after integrating data to SPiDER TM AI Edition (AI SIEM) intelligence DB

      Detection and blocking policies after integrating data with 3rd party product

  • KLU: Threat Intelligence Advantages

  • KLU: Threat Intelligence establishes the latest security threat prevention system and improves the monitoring process by converting threat information collected from IGLOO SOC(Security Operation Center) and various sources into a database and integrating it with the security monitoring system.