Provides reliable OT security management optimized for smart cities, buildings and factories.

What is SPiDER OT?

As digital transformation accelerates, OT(Operational Technology) security related to the control of major facilities such as smart cities , smart buildings, and smart factories is becoming more and more important.​ That is, as the contact point between IT( Information Technology ) networks and OT is getting wider, the number of security threats targeting it is also increasing. Thus , there is a growing need to build a security system optimized for the OT environment, which focuses on securing availability.

Based on IGLOO Corporation's integrated analysis technology and know-how of heterogeneous security events, SPiDER OT provides asset identification - protection - detection - response - recovery security functions that cover IT and OT areas. With SPiDER OT, security officers can not only identify IT security equipment and OT assets but also support the integrated management of heterogeneous security events collected from OT sensors and OT security solutions for protocol analysis In addition, the solution makes it possible to preemptively respond to OT security threats through threat analysis and visibility across OT and IT.


Key Features

OT Sensors’ Functions

OT sensors identify layer-specific control system assets, analyze industry-specific protocol traffic, collects threat information, and detect potential threats within the OT network .In addition, by setting Yara and Snort detection policies, it is possible to quickly respond to threats .

IoT​ Sensors’ Functions

IoT​ sensors identify and analyze IoT​ assets through network scans and manage vulnerabilities through vulnerability diagnosis .It also detects cyber attacks such as ARP Spoofing and DNS Poisoning.

System Structure

Expected Effect​

By expanding the security area limited to the IT environment to the OT environment, SPiDER OT builds an integrated security system optimized for the OT environment that can precisely control and monitor IT-OT environments by securing broad visibility across the IT and OT environments.