SPiDER TMon Cloud

SIEM(Security Information and Event Management) Solution Optimized for Cloud Environments

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What is SPiDER TM on Cloud?

SPiDER TM on Cloud is a Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) solution that enables easier and faster detection, analysis, and response to various threat elements in on-premises environments as well as single and multi-cloud environments. ​
Security professionals, leveraging industry-leading search capabilities, correlation analysis techniques, and the utilization of big data, can more easily and quickly detect, analyze, and respond to various threat factors in on-premises as well as single and multi-cloud environments, thus maintaining a high level of security for the organization. ​
IGLOO Corporation provides SPiDER TM on Cloud through major public cloud marketplaces such as Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services(AWS), KT Cloud, NHN Cloud. Additionally, we plan to expand our offerings in the form of SaaS for other product lines that comply with container security and zero-trust policies, thereby broadening the range of choices for our customers.

on Cloud Advantages

SPiDER TM on Cloud ensures scalability to increase system throughput as needed and provides availability for service disruptions. Based on a subscription model, the solution can be used at a reasonable cost without the need for separate installation processes, allowing for easy management.

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    Cloud optimization

    Designed to be optimized for the cloud environment, it can be deployed within minutes and ensures availability in case of service failure.

    In addition, it supports the integration of security service logs and events generated in the cloud.

    Allows flexible operation that can be easily used and managed without a separate installation process based on subscription models such as built-in as well as SaaS- type.

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    Perfect visibility

    Security events and logs generated by cloud security services can be collected, stored, and analyzed in real-time through various methods such as agents, syslog, and cloud-connected APIs.

    It provides a unified security control environment from initial detection to analysis and response to all IT activities occurring in an organization.

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    Advanced Threat detection

    Through integration with KLU: Threat Intelligence (Cyber Threat Intelligence), which provides essential information about the latest security threats and attack techniques, a proactive detection system is established while minimizing false positives and preemptively addressing potential threats.

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    Differentiated security expertise

    Drawing upon over 20 years of security experience and expertise, we offer processes and functionalities optimized for security tasks.

    We support secure and efficient cloud environment operations through the application of validated rules and incident handling processes.


SPiDER TM is an integrated security management solution that combined with over 20 years of experience of Managed Security Services. To increases the agility and efficiency of monitoring tasks, it configures a unified monitoring environment supporting the process from initial detection to log/network packet analysis while securing complete visibility across the infrastructure. In addition, by collecting and storing all log and network packet data in real time and analyzing them in connection with the latest external threat information (e.g., harmful IP and malicious URL), it can detect, block and prevent various threat elements more quickly and effectively.