Integrated Security Management Solution with accumulated know-how and technology of Managed Security Services and Big data capabilities

What is SPiDER TM?

SPiDER TM is an integrated security management solution with 20 years of experience of Managed Security Services and Big data capabilities from IGLOO Corporation. It can enhance agility and efficiency of security monitoring services through centralized monitoring environment structure from initial detection to log/network packet analysis, at the same time, assuring complete visibility on the overall infrastructure.
Also, all logs and network packets are collected and saved in real time and analyze them in connection with the latest external threat information such as harmful IPs and malicious URLs, various threat elements can be quickly and effectively detected, blocked and prevented.

Implementation of Intelligent Integrated Security Control System


  • 1

    Latest security threat information

    Analyze internal information and external threats in connection with IGLOO CTI

  • 2

    Experience and knowhow in Managed Security Services

    Provide process and function optimized for Managed Security Services

  • 3

    Big data log processing& network forensic

    Collect and analyze all types of logs and network packets

Key Features


Real-time analysis and scenario-based correlation analysis


Optimization of security control tasks from real-time monitoring and analysis to incident response process​


Unified dashboard with 3D-based intuitive visualization technology

Visualization technology allows you to easily and intuitively view only meaningful information selected from the ever-evolving security threats and exponentially accumulating security data. Thus it enables more efficient security control operation. SPiDER TM ‘s unified dashboard visualizes vast amounts of security data, helping security administrators intuitively understand the security status of the entire network and make quick decisions .

Supports various components for visualization

List of various 2D chart components

3D map of the world, 3D globe for intrusion attack analysis

Map of Korea - Map of the whole country, Map of Si/Gun/G

Supports various interworking target systems

Creates an unified dashboard by combining data sets and widgets among different products

Supports new data expression by interworking with various data sources


Automated incident response and blocking

Relatively simple and repetitive business process automation makes it possible to support more efficient security control operation by automatically responding to massive security events newly created every day. SPiDER TM supports a standardized response regardless of the skill level of security control officers by providing an auto-blocking function through interworking with various solutions, and it increases work efficiency by helping security managers focus on analyzing high-risk events.

System Structure

How does it work?

Expected Effect​

By introducing an Security Information & Event Management solution, it is possible to prepare an advanced security control environment and to secure the foundation for efficient and stable IT infrastructure operation and management.