Web-forgery monitoring solution detecting forged webpage in real-time.

What is WEBMON?

WEBMON is a solution maximizing the effectiveness of integrated management of websites that can immediately respond and report, and inspect flexible detection policies and various detection history by detecting the forged webpage in operation through 24/7 monitoring of websites exposed to risks at all times.

    Purpose of website forgery/falsification monitoring

  • It ensures that the customer's website can be operated and accessed stably by judging the website access failure and abnormal symptoms.
  • It checks whether the customer's website is forged or falsified, and provides the current status to the monitoring officer so that he/she can handle the work efficiently.
  • Its continuous monitoring enables immediate response and reporting in case of an incident.


  • 1

    Enhanced Security

    Management of website forgery/falsification and inserted malicious code detection/analysis

    Provides work efficiency for administrators and operators by providing analysis of forgery/ falsification of customer websites damaged by hacking and malicious codes

  • 2

    Ensured Service Continuity

    Management of stable real-time operation of web services

    Guarantees service continuity so that the customer's website can be operated and accessed stably by determining its access failure and abnormal symptoms.

  • 3

    Easy Management

    Intuitive monitoring operation environment for user access management and issues

    Ensures stability by continuously checking and monitoring the target website to provide an operating environment that enables immediate response and reporting in the event of an incident

Key Features

  • Dashboard Functions

    Provides the site/group-specific dashboard, event status board, and sidebar for a registered site

    Provides information on the status of the entire site based on real-time events

    Provides status and trend graphs for the last 100 cases

    Provides site policy setting function

    Provides comprehensive information for each site such as security/failure raw data and alarm events

    Provides information on the status of system resources and crawlers

  • System Management Functions

    Event detection policy setting and exception handling

    Administrative functions for sites/groups

    Audit management for member-specific permission and setting changes

    Crawler management

    Multilingual language support

  • Security Detection Functions

    Detect threshold( count ) for file string changes

    Threshold(%) detection for file size change

    HASHCODE -based image file change and tampering detection

    Site anomaly string detection based on pattern matching

    Abnormal URL (Malware , etc. ) detection using external API (Google Safe Browsing)

  • Monitoring & Analysis Functions

    Makes a line-by-line change comparison between the current code and previous code for a detected site.

    Provides raw data and details detected by security and failure

    Provides various statistical charts

    Provides screenshots as evidence

    Makes an analysis of current state data through manual inspection

    Provides in-depth analysis of sites where failures are detected

    Provides Google exposure information detection function

  • Failure Detection Functions

    Checks the site access status

    Checks the site access speed

    Checks the minimum file size for the site

    Checks DNS change and view time for the site

System Structure