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Acquired a Patent for the Converged Control High Technology




Acquired a Patent for the Converged Control High Technology




-  It displays the video, which is being output in the three dimensional space control system, without a sense of difference.
-  It will increase the level of existing security control screen to a higher level.


[September 02, 2014] IGLOO SECURITY Inc, (C.E.O : Deuk-choon Lee), a leading company in the next generation integrated security management, announced that it had acquired the patent for a converged control high technology.

This patent is about ‘the optical axis synchronizing method on the three-dimensional screen where the camera video is generated and the surveillance system which uses this.’ It is the technology which displays the optical axis of three-dimensional space and that of CCTV camera on the three-dimensional converged control screen without any distortion of the camera video through the mathematical computation and the synchronization.


When this technology is applied to the converged control, the camera video, which is generated on the three-dimensional space, shall be displayed without any sense of difference from the image of three-dimensional screen, and the existing type of camera pan tilt and zoom control can be changed to the type of three-dimensional rotation and zoom function control.


Donghyeok Kim, a professional researcher in Fusion Security Research Center which has applied the petition, said, “We focused on the point that when the image of three-dimensional space and the camera video are converged to display, its video shall not be distorted but expresses as it is.” He also said, “If this technology would be applied to the existing products, the camera video screen should be changed simultaneously at the change of three-dimensional screen so that a user can experience more practical control.

The converged control solution LIGER-1 by IGLOO SECURITY has been developed for the control of total dimensional level, the security management and control by analyzing the physical security and the information security, the environmental safety signal and then processing them into the meaningful information of security danger management.  


LIGER-1 can automatically inform the information collected from various security equipments and facility management sensors to the integrated control center. It offers more three-dimensional integrated control capability by displaying the onsite camera video and the position information of equipments on the three-dimensional space screen. Especially, the intuitive screen of LIGER-1 can be understood even though he/she is not a professional, and it is possible to carry out the integrated control of building and facility easily.

At the time of abnormal situation, it also displays and stores the event video automatically. It can start the warning system immediately onsite to transmit the dangerous situation to the related agency in real time.


Seunghun ha, the director of Fusion Security Research Center in IGLOO SECURITY, said, “This paten acquired at this time is a necessary technology for the fusion of three-dimensional screen and the camera video. If this technology is applied, the system of fusion security control based on the three-dimension shall be increased by one level up.” He also said, “We will not be satisfied with the reputation as the first domestic development of converged control solution but continue the R&D investment to receive the acknowledgment of excellent technological power in the global market.