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IGLOO SECURITY, Hosted a Successful Invitational Customer Conference





IGLOO SECURITY, Hosted a Successful Invitational Customer Conference



- Envisions next-gen. security strategies, solutions and services
- Customers from 5 countries including Romania and Ethiopia showing interest in the integrated security administration capabilities and expertise



[Aug. 25, 2015] IGLOO SECURITY, a leading security technology vendor (CEO: Deuk-choon Lee, www.igloosec.co.kr)  reported on August 25th  that it successfully hosted a customer invitational conference in Vietnam, as part of the knowledge-based security technology export support project, led by the Korea Internet & Security Agency. It also envisioned next generation security strategies, solutions and services to security experts from Romania, Ethiopia, Vietnam, Rwanda and Iran.


IGLOO started the conference with an introduction of SPiDER TM 5.0, an integrated security management solution that enables a centralized, integrated management of heterogeneous security systems as well as HUSKY, a security monitoring service designed based on IGLOO’s accumulated hands-on security administration expertise. IGLOO continued with a business model to implement an integrated security monitoring center. In addition, through face-to-face consultation with individual customers from different countries, IGLOO experts discussed nation-specific support plans and potential business opportunities through which pending security issues can be addressed and the level of security can also be improved on a fundamental basis.


Through this event, IGLOO SECURITY decided to plan to step forward to gain a tangible achievement in their overseas sales. IGLOO SECURITY launched its overseas operations in 2013 by entering several countries including Ethiopia, Japan and Middle East countries, and has been endeavoring to acquire customers based on its localization strategies as well leveraging the central government-funded export support programs.


Deukchoon Lee, CEO of IGLOO SECURITY, stated, “Through this opportunity we could identify various customer needs for information security solutions, relevant services, building competence and so on. We would continue our efforts to identify customer needs through various customer-oriented events and to transfer our advanced technology and expertise in information security through providing an integrated information security portfolio of security solutions and appliances, security consultation and services.”