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IGLOO SECURITY, INC. Carried Out Volunteer Activity in Cambodia






Carried Out Volunteer Activity in Cambodia



-  Igloo Security employees visited ‘Our School’ in Antung Sor, Cambodia from the 26th to 29th
-  Donated a variety of commodities and offered PC utilization classes for three consecutive years
-  Plans to carry out different kinds of social contribution activities in the future


[1/29/2015] A leading next generation ESM company, Igloo Security (CEO Deuk-chun Lee, www.igloosec.co.kr)), announced that it carried out volunteer activity in Cambodia during the previous 26th to 29th.
This volunteer activity, marked as the third time this year since its initiation in 2013, is an annual event of which five employees selected from the ‘Igloo Heartmore’ event visits Cambodia and carries out various volunteer activities. 
‘Igloo Heartmore’ is an internal event held every end of the year to select overseas volunteering participants, with all employees having equal chances for participation. The method of ‘Igloo Heartmore’ is similar to that of Sports ToTo, a type of sports lottery. All employees predict the winners of some games that are noticed beforehand, and submit their answers. The five people who guessed the most winners correctly will win the chance to participate in the volunteer activity in Cambodia.

Executives and employees evenly participated in this year’s Heartmore Competition, playing different Korean traditional games like Yut, Jegichagi, and an arrow-throwing game called Tuho.

The five winners of Igloo Heartmore Competition visited Our School, located in the town of Antung Sor in Kep , Cambodia. In Our School, about 340 students from preschool to high school are learning what they require for employment and building their careers, such as English and computer skills.

Igloo Security donated laptops and tablet PCs for Our School to provide OA education to their students flawlessly and instructed the teachers in PC utilization and how to use OA programs (word processor, presentation program). As a security service company, Igloo Security also checked the security status of the PCs and mobile devices in the school, and established a security management system suitable for Our School’s IT environment.

In addition, Igloo Security provided different goods that students may need like soccer balls, school supplies, and first aid kits, and also delivered some contributions for building a pepper farm in the future.

“Participating in a volunteer activity in Cambodia gave me a chance to think about the meaning of true sharing and cooperation”, said Igloo Security Deputy Manager Jeong-won Lee. “As I realized how sharing can be such a pleasure and a rewarding experience through this special opportunity, I am going to actively participate in many kinds of other volunteer activities personally.”

 Igloo Security is carrying out several kinds of social contribution activity to fulfill its social responsibility, donating various commodities as well as actively practicing knowledge-sharing by using its knowledge and know-how. It plans to increase its social contribution investments while establishing a corporate culture which each employee voluntarily takes interest in social contributions and participate in such activities this year.