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IGLOO SECURITY, INC. Launches Next Generation Enterprise Security Management (ESM), ‘SPiDER TM 5.0’




Launches Next Generation Enterprise Security Management (ESM),

‘SPiDER TM 5.0’



-  Based on years of experience in control service and use of advanced big data, user convenience and analysis ability are drastically enhanced compared to previous ESM
-  Offers latest information on security threats through partnership with Igloo Security’s K-Center


[3/12/2015] With its enhanced usability, stability, and user convenience, the ESM solution (Enterprise Security Management) will be newly launched. Igloo Security (CEO Deuk-chun Lee; www.iglooec.co.kr), a leading next-generation ESM company, announced the launch of ‘SPiDER TM 5.0’, an ESM that can manage information security systems of different devices at once in a more effective way based on its long-term experiences in control services and capacity to use advanced big data.
As security threats are becoming more intelligent, companies and security managers’ tasks are becoming more complex and broader. In response to this, security managers are using ESMs which save, search, and analyze various forms of data collected by multiple information security systems. However, conventional ESMs do not reflect all aspects of security managers’ tasks such as compliance, simulation training, handling infringements and DDoS attacks, and email hacking analysis.
The newly announced SPiDER TM 5.0 has a unitary control environment structure for the entire process from initial detection to log/network packet analysis, improving promptness and effectiveness of the control work while securing perfect transparency of the overall infrastructure. Also, its special strength lies in its ability to detect, block, and prevent various threats more quickly and effectively by collecting and saving all log and network packet data in real time and analyzing them in relation to the newest incoming threats like harmful IPs and malignant URLs.
In order to achieve this, SPiDER TM 5.0 provides a scenario-based multidimensional correlation analysis feature that grasps threatening conditions by each attack process – for example, ▷Target data collection ▷Vulnerable system attack attempt ▷System hijacking▷Internal resource data collection ▷Internal information leakage – from different angles. By analyzing internal security data with the ‘Apple Door System’, an automatic malignant code source collection system of Igloo Security’s Security Threat Research Center, and the latest security threat information provided by Korea Internet and Security Agency, SPiDER TM 5.0 provides a correlation analysis feature detecting and preventing abnormal symptoms and evidences of invasions quickly and accurately.
Furthermore, SPiDER TM 5.0 greatly improved user convenience with a control screen layout that allows users to instantly recognize outbreaks of problems or threats and look at analysis processes and with a quick search feature in accordance to high speed database construction. At the same time, it can establish an efficient task system capable of prompt handling. Unlike most of the other solutions that partially collect, save, and analyze log and packet data, SPiDER TM 5.0 stably collects and utilizes massive original logs and full packet data. This allows the solution to enhance the effectiveness of the control task by verifying possibilities of attacks more accurately and plan security measures more actively.
 “After its launch, SPiDER TM Solution has been positioned as Korea’s major ESM solution with its outstanding user convenience, stability, and usability for the last ten years, and has been earning customer’ trust continuously” said Deuk-chun Lee, CEO of Igloo Security. “we are confident that by preparing an all-directional total protection system against new security threats with SPiDER TM 5.0 that provides improved convenience for users and a better solution performance based on years of experience in control service and use of advanced big data, we can help protect valuable information resources of companies securely and improve their competitiveness.”
SPiDER TM 5.0 will be showcased at eGISEC 2015 (e-Government Infrastructure Solution Exhibition & Conference) held at KINTEX in Ilsan hosted by the Ministry of Government Administration and Home Affairs for three days beginning on March 18.