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IGLOO SECURITY, INC. New CI Presentation








IGLOO SECURITY, INC. New CI Presentation




-  Reflection of the Will to Leap towards a Global Enterprise
-  Stepped-up Reinforcement of Design Management


[Feb. 25, 2014]The next generation integrated security management leading enterprise-IGLOO SECURITY, INC.(CEO, Lee, Deuk-jun) presented a new CI(Corporate Identity) containing their will to leap towards a global enterprise.


The first CI change made since its founding reflected IGLOO SECURITY’s firm will to spread out their new challenges in the global market instead of setting for a position as a domestic leading security company.
The latest CI was produced by thoroughly keeping overseas markets in their mind, and IGLOO SECURITY put its emphasis on expressing stability and firmness as a security company based on English notation.
Particularly, IGLOO SECURITY CI used a more vivid, brighter blue color in an effort to represent the young, dynamic corporate image challenging to the global market, and got out of monotony by adding the orange color meaning affirmation and energy to the igloo-shaped symbol used together with the text.

IGLOO SECURITY is planning on intensifying its design management all the more with the momentum of this CI change, and it’s because corporate awareness and brand power are as much important as product –making technical strength in competing with the global security business. For this purpose, IGLOO SECURITY is going to construct IGLOO SECURITY’s own unique, differentiated image by applying the consistent identity to product UI (User Interface), product package, production, and interior, etc.


The CEO of IGLOO SECURITY, Lee, Deuk-jun said, “The newly shown CI reflected Igloo Security’s firm will to leap towards a global enterprise and challenge spirit without nothing to miss” and he added his comment by saying, “Insomuch as the importance of a brand is getting larger in the global security market which is getting intense day by day, IGLOO SECURITY will pour its energies into strengthening design elements in business management in general in the near future.”